Can you Imagine yourself in this GETAWAY Tiny Cabin ?

Photo Credit: Escape Homes

Small log cabins make the greatest vacation homes, just like this light and cozy Getaway tiny cabin from Escape Homes. You don't need a big budget for these tiny cabins either. Costing just $78,700 at it's starting price, this is a very affordable option for wood cabins. Although this particular model is not built out of logs, it does have that log cabin appeal. The pure Cedar lap siding gives it that log cabin building feel and Cedar is one of the most valued types of wood when it comes to wood quality. On the interior of the Getaway cabin, there is pine wood covering the walls and the ceilings to really embrace the feel of a log cabin. The floors, however, are a laminate oak flooring, but it looks really great none the less. You also get solid wood doors with this package and maple cabinetry. The home can be built fully ready to move into with furniture and all. There are also upgrades that can be added onto the price of the wood cabins including real oak wood flooring, a covered porch or screened-in porch, USB outlets, stainless steel appliances, a fireplace for the living room and more.

The wood cabins can also be financed, which would help out significantly, preventing customers from having to go into debt. The Gateway is the most affordable cabin in the Escape Homes collection; it's also the smallest floor plan in their series of wood cabins. This cabin measures 33 feet by 14 feet with a sunroom on the front perfect for a cozy cabin at the lake or in the forest out in the country. A place to come to relax and leave all your worries behind. Using small log cabins for full time living may not be in the cards though depending on where you live and the local bylaws in your area. So make sure you check into these things before pursuing a log cabin building plan. Call into your local city hall and talk to a bylaw agent to understand the rules that are enforced in your area. Certain communities do not allow people to live in a small house like this one year round, and homes have to be a certain size to be considered a permanent dwelling. But, you might be fine to live in one of these full time depending on where you live, it's just always better to check first before you buy and start building only to have someone enforce the rules afterward.

All of the houses from Escape Homes are delivered right to the customer's property, and they are usually built within a 90 day period which is good news for people who want to use their wood cabins right away. You could purchase the cabin in the spring and have it built by summer to bring your family to and enjoy. These small wood cabins would also make great rental units as well. Whether there was just one or several of these Getaway wood cabins on a property, they would be perfect to rent out as a part of a nature retreat or resort. People could come and enjoy staying in a cabin without the pressure of having to own one, and it would make a great income property.

It may also be able to be used as an accessory dwelling unit or a guest house on a property to use for housing guests. The designers of the Escape Homes are SALA Architects who have won awards for their incredibly innovative designs. Have a look through all of the lovely wood cabins and their floor plans on the Escape Homes website.***

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