Breakfast Tater Tot Casserole

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This is a fun potatoes recipe that is sure to become a favorite. You can make this tater tot casserole recipe ahead of time, and then reheat it in the morning for breakfast or have it for brunch. This tater tot casserole recipe will also work as a side dish for dinner. This food idea has eggs, cheese and bacon that just bake up into the tater tots, it's not just a layer of eggs and then a layer of tater tots, the ingredients are all combined together. For this potatoes recipe, you'll need eggs, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, hot sauce, whole milk or cream, cheddar cheese, and tater tots. For the full step by step potatoes recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Big Bear's Wife site.

This potatoes recipe uses frozen tater tots as the base, but potatoes are one of the most popular ingredients you will find in households across the world. The vast majority of potatoes that are grown and sold in the United States are harvested between August and late October. So what you see in stores has been kept cool at precise temperatures and humidity levels for months. New potatoes are potatoes that are harvested before they’re fully grown. These potatoes are petite, thin-skinned and not cut out for long-term storage. You won’t see any true new potatoes until early summer at farmers’ markets. And while potatoes are versatile for use in potatoes recipe, some varieties are better suited to certain food ideas and cooking techniques than others. It has to do with the cell structure of the potatoes. Large-celled potatoes such as Russet potatoes take on more water and turn soft when cooked. The smaller that a potato's cells are, the firmer its flesh and the better the potato will hold up during cooking.

When selecting potatoes for your potatoes recipes and food ideas, the fewer the blemishes on the potato, the better. You want to avoid potatoes with bruises, soft ends, cuts, or wrinkles, which can be signs of age, poor handling, too-warm storage temperatures and moisture loss. It's good to smell the potatoes too if you smell soil that fresh dirt smell, that is actually a good sign. A potato that has started sprouting is nature's way of saying that you should have eaten it already. This is the potatoes way of growing more potatoes. That said, the potato is still edible to use in food ideas. Just cut off any sprouts on the potatoes nd don't wait any longer to cook it. And as for that green hue on the skin go the potato. That's chlorophyll, which forms when the potato is has been exposed to light, especially fluorescent light. Supermarkets cover their potato bins at night to help block out the light and prevent any greening. As for storing your potatoes to use in potatoes recipe. Try and buy only what you will use within a week to ten days. Storing potatoes in an open paper bag is the best way to keep out any light and allow air to circulate around the potatoes, but a perforated plastic bag will also work. You want to be sure and keep potatoes in your pantry, the basement or cupboard, wherever it is cool, dry and dark. You’ll pull them out again soon enough.

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