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If you've ever had a fly get into the house, you know just how annoying it can be until you get rid of it. Flies seem determined to fly around and bother you, and no matter how many times you open the door or windows, they are too oblivious to escape. There are hundreds of thousands of fly species in the world. So with that knowledge, you'll want to know how to get rid of everything from house flies to fruit flies and common methods to use to include natural cures and natural home remedies. You'll want to take a look at the Tips Bulletin site for the full list of natural home remedies and tips for getting rid of flies. The following are just some of the tips and natural home remedies to get rid of pesky flies.

How to get rid of house flies. Flies are annoying pests that can be dangerous as well. Flies like to land on things such as rotten food and other bacteria-laden items. When flies land on your food to check it out, they are transferring everything that they have touched, including harmful bacteria. The common house fly can spread diseases such as cholera, and dysentery. The best way to avoid the common house fly in the house is to keep them from ever entering the house in the first place. Make sure that all of your windows are closed or secured with screens and make sure to be careful not to let the flies inside when going in or out of the house. It is also important to never leave anything out that will attract flies, such as rotting food. Cover any food that you intend to leave out on the kitchen counter. They are also attracted to feces, so you want to clean up after your pets right away.

Running fans deter flies from coming inside.

When it comes to getting rid of pesky flies, there are natural home remedies, DIY ideas and natural cures that can work as effectively as toxic sprays. You want to avoid the use of toxic sprays and products at all costs, as they are harmful to you and your pets, and bad for the environment too. You'll want to take a look at the eco-friendly homemade flypaper recipe on the site. For this natural home remedy, you will need sugar, honey, a hole punch, index card, some twine, and a spray bottle with water. Flypaper is another way to trap and kill pesky flies. Flypaper consists of ribbons that are covered in a sticky, toxic substance, so making your flypaper is definitely the way to go. Flypaper that you purchase in the store can be toxic to both animals and humans as well. You can make your own flypaper at home. All it takes is to punch a hole in an index card and then thread the twine through it. Cover the index card with some natural ingredients to include honey or corn syrup, and then coat the index card with sugar and then hang the flypaper. It's that easy. When the honey on the index card dries out, spray it with the water to help make it sticky again. UV traps are another natural cure that is also useful against flies. The light in the UV trap attracts the pesky flies and zaps them when they enter.

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