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The switch from toxic household cleaners to greener more natural cleaning supplies is an important one, according to David Suzuki. In Canada alone, more than $275 million dollars is spent on household cleaners each year. Many of us are buying products to fight germs, cut streaks and stains and get rid of odours so that our homes stays clean and sparkling. The purpose of cleaning is meant to bring more health and well being to a home, but when we are cleaning with harsh chemical product we may be doing more harm that good to our bodies.

Not only can harsh cleaning products when breathed in give you a slightly headache or feel a bit nauseous, but there are long term issues that can happen as well. Why else would there be such harsh labeling on these products calling the 'poison', 'corrosives' or 'irritant'.

In North American there are no rules that the people making these products are required to warn consumers about the health hazards that are associated to long term use of these kinds of cleaning products. Most of us are exposed to cleaning products and their residues at low levels on a daily basis. When we clean with these chemicals, they actually linger in the air that we breathe. In the US, researchers found 133 unique volatile compounds that were released from just a small testing of consumer products, including cleaning products. Each of these products tested emitted between 1-8 chemicals that are considered hazardous.

Types of Healthier Cleaning Ingredients for Stain Removal

1. Dish soap - most dish soaps today are made of fats that have a reaction with sodium hydroxine (lye). These can be fats from coconut oil, palm oil, or fats from animal products. Dishwashing liquid is an excellent stain remover and has even been used to clean up serious environmental oil spills. Out of interest, in 1989, after the massive Exxon oil spill, the research centers involved found that dishwashing liquid was an effective solution for cleaning the birds and animals that were affected.

2. Baking soda - The uses for this wonderful product are large and varied. This is excellent because it is an inexpensive product that is also non-toxic. Because of its mild alkaline properties, baking soda can cut grease and oil. When mixed with vinegar, it creates an effervescent quality that helps to lift dirt. Also the pH of baking soda helps to neutralize odors.

So when we find a carpet cleaner that not only works, but is made of simple health conscious ingredients, we have to share it around. For the 'recipe' on how to make this upholstery and carpet stain remover, visit the link below to the 'Coupon To Disney' website.

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