Before and After: A $2 Patio Table Makeover

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Diy ideas are the perfect way to turn a thrift store or a curbside find into an original piece of furniture for your home. This is a fun diy project to make a glass-topped patio table look unique and original. The table didn't cost a cent, and there wasn't anything wrong with it either, but Sydney wanted to make it look a bit more colourful and fun. Apartment Therapy shares how she got the table to look so gorgeous and how you can use these diy ideas to make a similar table yourself. If you love do it yourself home projects, you probably have a way of seeing things differently in the first place. You could probably look at something and see the potential in it rather than just passing it off as trash. So you might also find a lot of your do it yourself home projects on the curb or by garbage bins waiting to be taken away to the dump. But this is wasteful, and why buy new when you can get something for free. Diy projects like this one are great for students who are furnishing their first apartment or for people who are just starting out in a new place. They are also wonderful for people who aren't into buying conventional cookie cutter furniture and just want something a little different.

Since the glass was already showing signs of wear, Sydney decided to use some bright paint to bring it back to life and mask some of the imperfections. So if you find a glass topped table, why not try this diy idea out on it? You could also do this fun diy project on a mirror or even on a window to make your own pop art style stained glass on the cheap. To find cool items to do some do it yourself home projects with check out thrift stores in your area or search on craigslist for items. Garage sales are also great places to find cool stuff. If the glass in your table is already broken, instead of replacing it, you could also have a piece of thinner plywood cut to the size of glass that would fit into the table top. To get the cool triangle effect, you see on the table you just need some painters tape and an exacto knife. First of all, you will need to clean your piece of furniture really well with some dish soap and warm water to remove all of the dirt and grime. Once it's dry, you can start laying out your lines of painter's tape on the underside of the glass if you're using glass, or right on the face of the wood.

To make things really easy, it's best to label each of the triangles with a letter corresponding to the colour you want to paint each one. Set out the type of colour pattern you'd like and then when you're done labelling you can start to paint with the first colour. Allow that to dry and then do the next colour and the next until you're done allowing each colour to dry completely. When you're choosing the type of paint for this diy project stay away from latex wall paint since it tends to stick to the tape and will peel right off of the glass. Spray paint is the easiest type of paint to use on a project like this so stick with that. You could also apply a coat of sealant on the triangles once you're done to protect it as well. Check out all of the instructions and photos at Apartment Therapy.***

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