Banana Bundt Cake

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This Banana Bundt Cake with Cinnamon cream cheese icing is a super moist banana cake recipe that is filled with pecans and then drizzled with a creamy cinnamon cream cheese icing. This cake recipe is sturdy enough to slice thick or thin, this cake recipe is perfect an afternoon snack or with a morning cup of coffee, or for a late night dessert recipe. With pecans for some added texture in the recipe and a gluten-free option too. You'll want to take a look at the Barefeet In The Kitchen site for the full step by step cake recipe.

This banana bundt cake recipe uses overripe bananas in the mix. If you don't already have some overripe bananas in your pantry, there are some tips to speed up the process. The paper bag method. This is an easy method when you want bananas ripened within a day. Simply place the number of bananas that you would like ripened in a brown paper bag and roll the bag shut. Doing so will trap the ethylene gas that is naturally emitted by the bananas and other fruits such as apples that helps to encourage ripening. By trapping the ethylene gas, you help to quicken the process. The oven method. More often than not, baking with bananas is a process that requires the bananas to be almost overly-sweet and mushy, which is what makes banana bread recipes such a smart way of using over-ripe bananas. Thankfully, you don't have to wait a couple of days or more to get your bananas overripe, as you can just use your oven. Set your oven temperature to 300°F, then place in your unpeeled bananas on a lined baking sheet and then bake them for 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure that you don't go too far, as oven times may vary, the bananas can leak, and you'll know when they are done as soon as the banana peel is shiny and black.

Bananas are a reliable snack and make a nice addition to a bowl of yogurt, cereal, and peanut butter toast. But soon after you purchase bananas they start getting covered in brown spots, and your affection for eating them is sure to wane. If that sounds all too familiar, you might not enjoy them as is, but you don't want to toss your overripe bananas. There are plenty of delicious dessert recipes and ways to use overripe bananas up. Quick bread recipes and muffins. Banana bread recipes and muffin recipes are king when it comes to using overripe bananas. Stash blackened overripe bananas in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to get baking. The darker and the uglier the bananas, the more flavor that they will bring to your bread recipe. Pancakes. Slice some bananas onto your buttermilk pancakes as they cook, or you can also mash up your banana and then stir it into the batter. Bananas will keep the pancake recipe moist and add sweetness, so you might not even need to use as much maple syrup. You can also keep breakfast super easy with the recipe two-ingredient banana pancakes. Cookie recipes. Putting fruit in your cookie recipes is one way to make them a bit heathier, provided that is not balanced out with just as much sugar. Regardless, the bananas will help to make the cookies soft and tender.

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