Banana Bread Cobbler

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Do you love to make banana bread every once in a while with your leftover bananas? Most people will save their overripe bananas in the freezer just for these dessert recipes. It's a great way to reduce food waste in your home and to save money because when you're throwing away the food that you bought you're also throwing away money you've earned. Bananas are also naturally very sweet too which makes them the perfect, natural and healthy ingredient for healthy dessert recipes. Cobbler is also a nice dessert recipe that makes use of fresh or frozen fruit and puts it into a nice, soft and fluffy biscuit crust. So if you love banana bread and cobbler or any other healthy banana recipes, you have to try out this banana bread cobbler. The recipe from Brandie at the Country Cook includes some great ingredients including old-fashioned oats, bananas and banana milk. There is actually such a thing as banana milk now, and you can get it from some grocery stores under the brand name Sir Bananas. Banana milk is a great dairy free and nut free dairy milk alternative. It's completely vegan, and unlike some of the other popular milk substitutions, it doesn't contain any nuts. Since many people have allergic reactions to nuts, it's great that there is another milk substitute option to try out.

If you can't find banana milk at your local grocery store, you can also make it at home yourself. The best thing is, it's super easy to make, and it only requires two ingredients for the plain banana milk. Of course, you can also add flavours in to make it taste like whatever you'd like. It's always best to peel and slice your bananas up before you freeze them since this will make it easier to use your frozen bananas in recipes. If you need to make your banana milk right away and you don't have any frozen ones, just use a banana at room temperature with some cold water and ice. You shouldn't need any sweetener if your bananas are ripe, but if you do, try using some dates or some maple syrup for a low glycemic sweetener. Also, just be sure to use this banana milk up right away because it will start to go brown as it gets older. If you're not using it in healthy banana recipes, you can just drink it or use it in a smoothie or over your cereal. When Brandie found banana milk, she started to use it in any recipes that use regular milk. So in pancakes and also her regular banana bread recipe. You could pretty much use it in anything that calls for milk.

You'll also need some brown sugar, self-rising flour, butter, old-fashioned oats, and pecans. The outside of this recipe is like a regular cobbler, so there is the biscuit layer, but there's also an oat layer that makes it kind of like an oatmeal too. If you were to reduce the sugar in the recipe a bit, you could easily enjoy this banana bread cobbler for breakfast too. It would also be great with some vegan coconut ice cream in a vanilla flavour. To make this recipe entirely vegan, you could use coconut oil instead of butter, or a vegan butter substitute such as Earth Balance. Use the soy-free Earth Balance for a better flavour in your recipes. If you use butter just try getting organic butter if you can. Try out this and other healthy banana recipes from Brandie's website and see how you like banana milk for a change instead of regular milk.***

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