Are You Looking for In-Law Quarters ... The 14x20 Serenity log cabin is the perfect spot

Photo Credit: Conestoga Log Cabins

Building a log cabin can be a big undertaking, but when you choose a smaller floor plan, it can actually be quite simple.

Conestoga Log Cabins manufactures beautiful log cabins and homes in various styles and sizes, so there is something for everyone. They have small log cabins like this one called the Serenity Log Cabin which is a one-story cabin with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 280 square feet of space. This cabin is available starting at $21,900 US which is very affordable. This is one of the company's smaller log cabins that would be very easy to build on your own on your recreational property or on your home property in addition to the main home. Many people build these smaller accessory dwelling units as rental properties or as a guest house to accommodate people when they come to visit. You could also use it on your property as a home office space or a studio space as well. Or, you could also build it on a separate piece of property from where you lived and then use it for recreational purposes.

The cabin is 14 feet by 20 feet which is a good floor plan for a smaller log cabin. Unlike most small log cabins, this one has its own private bedroom as well as a living room and a bathroom. Although the bathroom sink is in the bedroom and the shower and toilet are in the bathroom. Some small log cabins don't have a separate bedroom and the bed is just in the main area of the home. Or they won't have a bathroom and just use an outhouse for the bathroom. So it's nice this cabin actually has those two amenities. This one also has the option of having a kitchenette in it which would be great for making meals. There's also a nice front porch that you could sit on and take in the scenery. The patio is an add-on feature, but it doesn't cost much more to have it added onto the design. It's no wonder that this small log cabin is one of the company's most popular designs. They create the entire package with all of the building materials ready to be assembled and deliver it to your land. Then all you have to do is assemble the cabin yourself or hire a contractor to build it for you.

On the Conestoga Log Cabins website, they share that 51 million Americans live in multigenerational homes that have parents, grandparents and children living on the same property. Sometimes that means that everyone has to live under the same roof in the same house. But by having the choice to build an accessory dwelling unit like this one you see here, you could create a separate suite for the in-laws to live in so you all have the privacy you'd like. That way if you need to take care of the elderly in your family, you could, but they wouldn't have to share the same space. Or you could just have it for when family comes to visit. It's always nice to have options after all. Conestoga Log Cabins also offers many other log cabin kits. They have ones that are larger than this but are still under 1,000 square feet. For some of the slightly larger log cabins, they have the Bear Creek log cabin, the Outdoorsman log cabin, and the Boulder Lodge log cabin. With all of their models, you can customize your log cabin to your preferences, and you can also add on some of the extra items they have available. Check out the Serenity log cabin and others and see which one you like best.***

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