Alka-Seltzer Vase Cleaner

Photo Credit: Home Hacks

If you have a vase at home, than you probably know how difficult they are to clean! Check out this great house hold hack on Alka-Seltzer Vase Cleaner! All vases are somewhat difficult to clean at times, they get all of the hard water deposits on them from having water sitting in them for a week or even longer, you can scrub and scrub, but the water deposits sometimes become so hardened that there is no sign of them coming off at all! With smaller, shallow vases, it is a bit easier, but the long and tall narrow ones with the skinny neck and small opening, are another story!

It's almost like your need a special brush to clean these tall vases out. I have one vase that I have cleaned by rinsing it out with vinegar and dish soap, but it has never been scrubbed on the inside because the opening at the top is way too narrow! So I guess this awesome Alka-Selzter tablet hack might just do the trick! I will have to try it! It would be great to try on other things, like in the toilet, where you often get hard water deposits, or sinks where water has sat for too long.

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