A Tiny Home with absolutely self-sustainablily

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The Dom.ai tiny house building is an eco-building that is known for its energy efficiency and outstanding performance. This eco building has up to 20 times less energy consumption when compared to standard home design. This autonomous tiny house building is designed for comfort. The eco-building is equipped with furniture, a built-in kitchen with appliances, a bathroom with toilet, shower, sink, heating and cooling systems, and a smart air ventilation system. The Dom.ai tiny house building has everything you need including the wine glasses. The Dom.ai tiny house building can be used as a guest house, a vacation home or a space for rent. The Dom.ai tiny house building is also available with security, online video monitoring, sensors monitoring, e lock and access control and remote system control for an extra monthly service fee. The Dom.ai tiny house building can be placed or relocated both easy and fast. The Dom.ai tiny house building is an off-grid house that doesn’t need a foundation, just any flat ground surface. The eco-building also has water tanks, autonomous sewage and battery storage. The Dom.ai eco building makes it possible to live in any location that you ever dreamed. The Dom.ai tiny house building is built without any wood or steel, so it will not break down from bugs and will also not rust. The company uses space technologies and robust building materials to build the dom.ai. This Dom.ai eco building uses carbon fiber, durable polymers and six panes of guarded glass for the exterior surface. Inside, natural wood is used for decoration. You'll want to take a look inside the Dom.ai eco building, it will change the way you think about small house living.

The Dom.ai tiny house building is well insulated using patented windows systems along with vacuum insulation. The walls in this tiny house building have insulation that is six times better, then the US Department of Energy recommends for Alaska. The windows in this eco building save 14x more energy as does regular double paned windows. That is why the Dom.ai uses solar power only, the eco-building can be heated and cooled by itself. This tiny house building needs no electricity or gas needed in any climate, as it is self-sustainable and off-the-grid. It doesn't get much easier than the Dom.ai eco building as it doesn't need to be connected to the electricity, the water or sewage. The eco-building doesn't need firewood, as it uses only clear solar energy. The Domai tiny house building is the house of the future, making life comfortable wherever you choose to live, with no energy bills to worry about. The Dom.ai .can be equipped with the off-grid solar battery system, a water generation from air humidity system along with autonomous sewage.

Pricing for the modulOne 410 square foot Dom.ai gadget-house starts at $64,000 and includes no furniture, no bathroom, and no kitchen included. This price does not include any engineering systems, energy supply, water tank, or sewage equipped. The modulTwo Dom.ai tiny house building is a 775 square foot house that starts at $97,000 with no extras. If you want all of the extras to include everything needed to go off the grid the price for the Dom.ai tiny house building go up. You can choose the Dom.ai tiny house building depending on your budget and needs, an eco-building that will suit you.

You will find this eco building at the PassivDom site. On the site, you will find out more about the dom.ai tiny house building for all of your eco building and small house living needs. You will want to take a look at the PassivDom site for all the options available. **

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