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There are different reasons you might want to use A Natural Bleach Alternative. For people who live in rural areas, they may not be able to use their laundry because they are on a septic system. For others using bleach is a toxic choice they would rather do without. This recipe for a natural cleaning bleach is very effective and one that you are sure to use for your cleaning needs. You might find natural bleach recipes that combine hydrogen peroxide and vinegar but mixing the two ingredients should not be mixed in the same container as they make Peracetic Acid, which is a strong oxidizing agent used for high-level disinfection. Studies have found that this mixture can be very irritating to the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. So it's probably not a good idea to use it on your laundry. This natural cleaning solutions idea uses water, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide for a better alternative. Simply mix the ingredients together and put in a spray bottle and use as a household cleaner, or add two cups of the mix per wash load for laundry. You can add this natural cleaning solution to a load of white and let it agitate, then let the laundry soak for a little over an hour.

Lemon juice is an excellent natural cleaning product. Lemon juice contains citric acid which is a deodorant and can be used to clean glass and to remove stains from aluminum and porcelain. Lemon juice cuts through grease and removes perspiration on other stains from clothing, and it is a milk lightener or bleach if used with sunlight. Lemon juice can also be used to help dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits. Lemon juice is also great for cleaning and shining up copper and brass. Lemon juice can be mixed with vinegar or baking soda to make cleaning pastes. A cleaning tip that uses lemon is to cut a lemon in half and sprinkle with baking soda on the cut section of the lemon. This can be used to scrub dishes, surfaces, and stains. Lemon essential oil has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and cleansing properties. Lemon essential oil works well on odors and may also have whitening properties, although lemon juice probably works better for this. Limes are also a powerful natural cleaning solution that is good at removing mineral build up and grease. Limes can be used in pretty much the same way as lemons in as all natural cleaners. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural cleaning idea that is more gentle than chlorine bleach and can be used for sterilizing and disinfecting in the home and on your body. Most commercial lemon oil is not all natural and may contain some petroleum distillates. It is best to use pure sources of lemon essential oils. Lemon essential oil is good for use on furniture as it is so lubricating and antiseptic. When you use natural cleaning solutions, you can feel good about using them near your family and friends, and know that they are safe for the environment. Using natural cleaners allow you to feel good about what you breathe in when used inside your house.

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