A Guide to the Best Cleaning Materials for the Floor

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Here is a guide to the best cleaning materials for the floor. Follow these steps and your floor will always shine.

First, be sure that the product you are planning to use to clean your floor is compatible with it. Todays floors can be made from wood, vinyl, parquet, and many other materials. Not all cleansers are equal so be sure to read the label to see whether or not you can use your floor cleanser on your flooring. Youll be glad you did.

Next, prepare the area you are cleaning. It is much easier to do the job if you move or lift as many things as possible out of the way. If you have a large item like a table that you cannot remove entirely, you can wash one end and then shift the table to finish washing that area. You may even take this opportunity to shake out the door carpets and your pet beds. After this step, vacuum or sweep the area to get up loose dirt and other large pieces of debris. Now youre ready to start washing your floor.

But wait! Is this an area that has heavy traffic coming from other rooms or outside? Consider locking your outside door, closing up pet doors and posting signs for all to see. Now youre really ready to start cleaning.

Make sure you have the following three things:

Floor Cleanser



Fill your pail with the hottest water you have and add the right amount of floor cleanser. Start in one corner of the room and work your way backwards to the other side. Remember to not paint yourself into a corner, but always work to another exit. Leave your floor to dry. Then do a second vacuum to pick up any bits of dust or debris that might still be lingering.

Find out more details on how to keep your floor clean and get stains out at the Cleanipedia website link just below.

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