9 Ways to Use Squeegee To Clean

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We all know how handy they are for scrubbing windshields, and some people love to use them for indoor window cleaning, but did you know squeegees can help with other household chores as well? There are, at the very least, nine ways to use squeegees for cleaning – perhaps more, if you use your imagination. But let’s start with the basics – like how to best use a squeegee for window washing, and also a little background about the history of squeegees.

If you thought the term squeegee was a relatively new one – and a kind of silly one at that, you’d be mistaken. It actually goes back to a special tool used by fishermen in medieval times called the squilgee; it was a long stick with a wide blade at the end, and it was used to scrape the boat’s deck clean. Other forms of the squilgee were used to scrape barnacles, algae, and sea residues from the hulls of boats as well. The squilgee was rediscovered by window washers in the early 1900s who realized how helpful it could be for their daily work, and the name was changed to squeegee – perhaps because it was a lot more fun to say? The Chicago squeegee eventually became the prototype for other squeegees; however, its construction was a bit too bulky. A window washer from Oakland California by the name of Ettore Steccone, refined the design and came up with his own unique invention – a much more easy-to-use version. Steccone is responsible for popularizing the squeegee not only in North America, but across the world. The multi-million dollar company is still alive and kicking and shipping squeegees to over sixty countries annually. One of the most famous Ettore Steccone squeegees is the one Jan Demczur used to escape a collapsed elevator shaft at the World Trade Center during 9/11. It now hangs at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Over the years, we’ve learned that squeegees aren’t just helpful for cleaning exterior windows, but they’re also very efficient for indoor window cleaning as well. Using a squeegee for window cleaning can save you plenty of time and elbow grease, if you do it right. Investing in a high-quality squeegee will not break the bank, and you can find them at any hardware store. You’ll want to keep the rubber blade in good shape, and replace it as often as needed – that way, you’ll always get the highest performance from your squeegee.

When you use a squeegee, all you really need is warm soapy water and a drying rag – there’s no need for heavy duty cleaners or cleaning products. You’ll also cut down on a great deal of waste because you won’t need any paper towels. When cleaning your indoor windows, you’ll need a towel or some sort of drop cloth because the water does tend to drip.

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