8 easy ways to remove burnt-on food from pans

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Any person who cooks day to day knows that your pots and pans can become burnt very quickly if unattended or acquire baked-on food just as a by-product of the cooking process. Since you won’t want the expense of replacing your hard-to-clean pans, nor will you want to spend tons of time scrubbing, these eight tips for cleaning burnt-on food from pans will help return them to the way they were. The website, 101 Days Of Organization, has provided this list of cleaning ideas, which are both ingenious and incredibly instructive. These methods for how to remove stains from pots and pans utilise several household ingredients, so of all eight ideas, you will be sure to find one that you have all the ingredients for.

Several of these cleaning methods involve natural baking soda, a favourite among those who like using eco-friendly and non toxic cleaners. Baking soda, unlike a lot of its toxic cleaning counterparts, is perfectly safe for humans and the environment; it is used in anything from baking recipes to cleaning remedies for the home. Baking soda freshens and eliminates smells when it is sprinkled on mattresses before being vacuumed up or placed in the refrigerator, but when it is applied to stained pots and pans, it needs another ingredient to get it working. Baking soda relies on a chemical reaction to help lift stains. This is why combinations of baking soda and water are so important when applied to stained carpets or upholstery because the paste mixture will bubble and help cut through the stains. One of the ideas listed on the 101 Days Of Organization website combines baking soda with water and vinegar, while another uses just baking soda and vinegar. The important point to remember with regards to both these methods is that the baking soda will foam in combination with these liquids and help cut through the stains effectively and safely.

Another crazy method for how to remove stains from stainless steel pots or glass baking dishes involves using a dryer sheet. This cleaning method takes a little longer than the baking soda methods, but it is almost completely hands-off. You simply place a dryer sheet and water in the stained pot, baking sheet or baking dish, and allow it to sit overnight. By morning the item should be easy to wipe clean without any difficult scrubbing. Although this is a favourite cleaning strategy of many due to the ease of it, it should only be applied in dire circumstances since dryer sheets are also highly toxic. The baking soda, vinegar and water cleaning methods should provide a solution that is easy and safe enough to remove stains from areas your food comes in contact with.

Of course, despite the fact that this article provides you with several solutions for cleaning stains from pots and pans, it is best to prevent the burning of food, to begin with. In the case of baking sheets, always line them with aluminum foil or parchment paper, depending on what you are making. Although not one hundred percent foolproof, the lining should inhibit a lot of staining, saving you your pans as well as your time. Another way to prevent a challenging mess would be to line roasting pans that you could meat in as well. Simply line the roasting pan on the bottom and up the sides with aluminum foil, top with a wire rack and place the meat on top. The foil should protect the bottom from the meat drippings. Thank you to the 101 Days Of Organization website, for sharing their eight cleaning ideas for getting rid of burnt-on food.

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