7 nifty tutorials that will help you get every kind of stain out

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Stains can be awful, and some of them can even be devastating. Especially if you've ever gotten nail polish or paint on a white carpet. There are stain removal products you can buy and use on these stains, but they can often contain harsh chemicals. You could also hire professionals to come and remove the stains for you, but that costs quite a bit to get done. There are, however, some great cleaning tips that teach us how to remove spots and stains of different types from various materials. So whether you have an oil stain on a shirt or some red wine on your carpet, there are plenty of easy cleaning tips to try out. Some of the worst stains are things that have a lot of pigment in them. So chocolate or tomato sauce stain things really easily. Red wine is highly pigmented, so it also stains really badly.

Black or dark items don't show stains as much as with lighter coloured materials which is why many people choose to buy darker coloured furniture and carpet. But these darker coloured items can still get stained, so it's good to learn how to remove spots off all different types. If you're dealing with an oil stain, there are a few things you can do. First, you can try using dish soap. Just squirt a few drops of your dish soap onto the oil stain and scrub with a cleaning toothbrush. The same way dish soap helps to remove grease from dishes; it will do the same when used on material. You should be able to wash the piece, and the stain will have lifted. You can also try using some WD-40 and some baking soda to remove an oil stain after you've washed the piece of clothing already. Just spray some WD- 40 on the oil stains and then put a pile of baking soda over the WD-40. Then, just brush with a cleaning toothbrush and scrub the baking soda into the material. The baking soda will absorb all of the oil from the material. Then, add some dish soap to the mix then throw it in with your other laundry. The stain should be completely gone. If you've accidentally gotten some paint on something, just put some rubbing alcohol on it, even if the paint has dried.

When you spill something on your carpet, just mix equal amounts of vinegar and water then add just a bit of dish soap. Dip your cloth in the mixture and blot it onto the stain. Keep on blotting until the stain disappears and then pour some water on the area to rinse and then soak up the excess liquid with a dry cloth and let it air dry. Spilling candle wax on anything can be troublesome, the wax just seems to cling to everything making it impossible to remove. You can get the wax out with your iron though. Just place a paper towel over the wax spill and place your warm iron over the paper towel. Glide the iron over the paper towel to distribute the heat evenly. The wax will melt, and the paper towel will pick up the wax. Getting blood on clothes can sometimes mean a permanent stain too, but not if you have some hydrogen peroxide. Just soak the blood stained item in the hydrogen peroxide for at least 30 minutes. Then remove the item and wash as usual. Theses are just some of the cleaning tips that show us how to remove spots from clothing, furniture and other fabrics. Check all 7 out over on Buzz Feed.***

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