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Life can be very expensive these days depending on where you live, but with new movements like the tiny house movement, things can be made a bit more affordable. Rent and mortgage payments are one of life's highest expenses, so it makes sense to try and make that expense as low as possible while still living in a place that's clean, new and beautiful so that you can afford other things and still have time to spend with your family. If you're considering other housing options, you may want to consider small house living to balance out your expenses a bit. This is a good idea for those with kids and especially families with one stay at home parent. Living in a smaller house will mean lower monthly expenses for housing which takes a lot of pressure off. Macy from Mini Motives and her family of 4 live in a tiny house on wheels, and they have been able to do so much more than they ever could have in a larger, conventional home. They have gotten out of debt, they have also been able to work their dream jobs, and have time to spend with their kids.

They also had another larger house that they were able to rent out which mostly covered their mortgage. They were also able to build a second tiny house on wheels, and they helped bring in the IRC Tiny House Appendix to Idaho. The only downside is that they got reported for living in their tiny house while they were living in it full time so they can't live in it anymore. So now the family has chosen to move on from their tiny house after four years of living in it. They even saved some money away while they lived in their tiny house. So now they have some options that Macy explores in detail in her blog post. They could move the tiny house, disassemble it, rent it out, or they could sell it which she really doesn't want to do. Since they have kids, they want to factor in the kid's routines and school in with their decision too of course. If you're considering building a tiny house on wheels, this is a great blog post to read to become aware of all of the possibilities you could have with a tiny house on wheels. It also helps you be more aware of the difficulties you may also run into too which you need to know about if you're going to be living in a small house.

So why would you want to build a tiny house in the first place? Well, first of all, you could eliminate or at least decrease your debt like Macy, and her family did. You can have the opportunity to explore more of your creative endeavours and passions. Also, the peace of mind that comes with lower monthly expenses is also very positive as well. You could go travelling more and do more of the things you want to do. Another reason you may want to build a tiny house is so you can park it on your property and rent it out through Airbnb. This way it would have a chance to be legal since it wouldn't be used for full-time living, and you could make an income off of it. And finally, if you are really interested in tiny houses on wheels, you may want to build one just to have the experience of building something yourself. You could then sell it and make a profit off of it. Read the entire article and learn more.***

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