6 Annoying Bath Towel Problems Solved!

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What are your bath towel pet peeves? We’re sure you must have at least one or two! We all do. Well, depending on what they are, the answers could be found in this great article: 6 Annoying Bath Towel Problems — Solved!

First of all, do your bath towels have a musty smell? We know, it’s the worst thing in the world – you’ve just had a beautiful shower and are all squeaky clean. You go to dry off and – yikes! – your towel smells like a moldy old basement. Worse, that smell rubs off on you and you want to take a shower all over again. This can happen from time to time, or perhaps a whole lot! So much of this has to do with where you live (whether or not there’s a lot of moisture in the air) and also if you hang your towels after you use them so they can completely dry out! If you are still having trouble with that musty towel smell, then why not try washing them? This time, use the hottest water available and add a couple of cups of vinegar. Afterwards, just wash the towels again with your normal laundry detergent. That should take care of it!

Next on the list: are your towels linty? Once again, there’s nothing worse than drying yourself off after a shower only to find that your towel is shedding! Your nice clean body is now covered in tiny pieces of lint. What can you do about this? Well, first off, take another shower to rinse off the bits. Then, yep – wash your towels again! Washing is the only thing that can get rid of the lint. This is often a manufacturing issue, and yes we agree – it’s pretty darned annoying.

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