5-Ingredient No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars

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This healthy no-bake treat uses five simple ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen. This dessert recipe can be put together in less than five minutes. All you need is one bowl, five ingredients and a few minutes and you have a no-bake treat you are sure to love. This quick and easy no bake treat is gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, and can also be made sugar free. This is a great snack, dessert recipe or a healthy alternative to candy bars or sugary treats. Once the no-bake treat is put together, you will need to pour it into a lined baking dish and refrigerate it until firm, which takes at least an hour. These bars are best refrigerated and keep up to four weeks. With ingredients to include rice cereal, chocolate chips, peanut butter or sunflower seed butter, maple syrup and coconut oil. With healthy ingredients, you can feel good about giving these to your family and friends. For the full step by step ingredients, you will want to take a look at The Big Man's World site.

This no-bake treat uses coconut oil or grass-fed butter as one of the five ingredients. Coconut oil is a healthy addition to your no-bake treats, dessert recipes, and gluten-free recipes, and can be substituted in place of butter. Coconut oil is a staple in vegan dessert recipes, but you don't have to follow a special diet to use this healthy oil in your recipes. Coconut oil is a versatile baking ingredient. Coconut oil is an ingredient that has a melting point of 76°F, and unlike other oils, coconut oil can be either liquid or solid, as it all depends on the temperature where the coconut oil is stored. When coconut oil is stored below 76°F, it will firm up and solidify, at a higher temperature coconut oil will melt into a liquid. Coconut oil in recipes can be substituted 1:1 for other fats in no-bake treats and dessert recipes. When it comes to use in dessert recipes, you can use coconut oil as a substitute for butter and other oils, such as olive oil, vegetable oil and canola oil. Regardless of the type of fat that is used in a dessert recipe, you can swap in an equal amount of coconut oil. You can use coconut oil solid, or room-temperature coconut oil in place of butter. Depending on the temperature at which the coconut oil is stored, it can be liquid or solid. In its solid state, coconut oil has a texture that is most similar to butter.

When substituting coconut oil for butter, you want to use solid, room-temperature coconut oil. This is especially important when you are using coconut oil to make a pie crust recipe; the chilled, solid coconut oil should be cut into the flour just as you would with cold butter. You should use room-temperature ingredients when you are baking with coconut oil. When mixed with cold ingredients, liquid coconut oil will tend to seize up and coagulate. The best way to prevent this coagulating from happening is to bring the other ingredients, like milk and eggs, to room temperature before the ingredients are mixed. Coconut oil can also be used to grease any baking pans. Because coconut oil has a fairly high smoke point, the oil can also be used to grease baking dishes, cake pans, and muffin tins.

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