5 Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips That REALLY Work

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These 5 Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips That REALLY Work will make even the oldest of kitchen look new again. It's not always easy to know which kitchen cleaning tips to use when it comes to cleaning a dirty kitchen. With so many surfaces, appliances and places to clean it often takes a bit of trial and error to find out which are the best cleaning products for kitchen. This short video will walk you through each of the weird kitchen cleaning tips that were used in a kitchen with 19-year-old appliances. When you think there is no hope for stained kitchen appliances and sinks, these best cleaning products for kitchen will have your kitchen looking like new again.

First on the list of best cleaning products for kitchen is baking soda. This inexpensive, natural cleaner works great on stovetop surfaces and can also be used as the best kitchen sink cleaner. To use baking soda you can just sprinkle it on the dirty surface and with a damp sponge gently rub away the dirt. Baking soda acts as a mild abrasive to safely get rid of dirty surfaces and make them look like new again. After you clean your stovetop, you can use some baking soda with a toothbrush and clean behind the stove knobs and other areas that are difficult to get at. When it comes to cleaning molded plastic, a bleach spray works great at getting surfaces clean and looking like new again. Pledge furniture spray is one of the kitchen cleaning tips you can use when you want to clean appliances like fridges and stoves. Pledge spray also works well on the glass of a microwave and refrigerator, along with making stainless steel shiny again. One of the best kitchen sink cleaner products for lime scale buildup is an ingredient you probably already have in your cabinets. Olive oil used with a damp sponge is one of the best kitchen sink cleaner ideas to get your kitchen sink looking good again. And when it comes to cabinet kitchen cleaning tips for wood cabinets try using some car wax or boat wax, rub it on the wood cabinets every six months and then buff with a dry cloth. You cabinets will look shiny and new and resist fingerprints and dirt.

One of the best cleaning products for kitchen and all around the house is baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent all purpose cleaner that you most likely already have in your pantry. The best part about baking soda is that its safe for you and your family to use, and its inexpensive. Baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate is a common ingredient that can be used as an all-purpose, nontoxic cleaners. Baking soda is excellent at removing stains, and it can be used as a mild scouring with a soft damp sponge for pots, pans, and sinks. Baking soda is good at neutralizing acid and softening hard water. Baking soda is just one of the nontoxic cleaners that can be used as a deodorizer around the kitchen when used in the refrigerator, and when used in sink drains.

Baking soda is a useful eco-friendly cleaning supplies for cleaning and polishing aluminum, chrome, plastic, porcelain, silver, stainless steel, and tin. These weird kitchen cleaning tips are found on the DIY Craft Project site. On this site, you will find all sorts of DIY ideas, craft projects, tips and tricks, recipe ideas, beauty hacks, kids and family and more. You will also find some of the best cleaning products for kitchen, how to clean kitchen sink, kitchen cleaning tips and more. *

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