5 Kitchen Hot Spots to Disinfect Everyday

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The kitchen sees a lot of action throughout the day, sometimes we make meals and food up to 6 or more times a day if you include all meals and snacks. Here are the 5 kitchen hot spots to disinfect everyday to keep on top of those nasty but inevitable germs. When we are using our kitchens many times throughout the day, we might not have time to clean up as we go. Things can be even more hectic when you have kids who are hungry all day long and you are making things consistently throughout the day. But we still like to keep the germs and bacteria at bay so no one gets sick. The biggest germ culprits in the kitchen are germs from meat and from your kitchen sponge or dish rag. When preparing any type of meat in your kitchen it is always so important to disinfect the areas it touched and your hands afterwards. This means using a kitchen cleaner and some hot water to wash away any bacteria. Rachel from Sprinkle Some Fun says that she loves using Zep brand disinfectant kitchen cleaner, but you can use whichever brand you prefer. There are also all natural kitchen cleaners that are great to use and they don't involve any chemicals.

Using chemical cleaners in our kitchens can effect our health since the chemicals from the cleaners get into the foods we are preparing and sometimes they can off gas for quite some time after they are sprayed. All of the kitchen cleaning tips shared by Rachel can be done effectively with natural kitchen cleaners that have vinegar or alcohol in them. You can even make your own kitchen cleaner from things you have around the house. One simple and easy cleaner you can make uses only vinegar and water. You can mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and you have yourself an effective, affordable cleaner. If you have 100% therapeutic quality essential oils you can also add a few drops of them to your homemade kitchen cleaner for some added aromatherapy and more cleaning power. Lemon and lime essential oils are fabulous for disinfecting as well as orange and mint. Plus, your home will smell heavenly after you use them. Natural cleaners are a great way to keep your environment clean and your family healthy and they are also not harmful to the environment. We have to remember that anything we put down our drains, ends up in our waterways, so it is important not to pollute and keep our water clean.

You will be so happy that you came upon this list of kitchen cleaning tips from Sprinkle Some Fun to help you get on top of the germs in your kitchen. Although it is not mentioned in the list, even your dishwasher can harbour a lot of germs and bacteria, so it is just as important to clean out the dishwasher once in a while by running it through its cleaning cycle. Check out the list and try out the tips for a healthier more sanitary kitchen.***

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