408 sq.ft. Bear Creek Log Cabin starts at $29,900

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When it comes to high-quality, affordable log cabin kits for sale Conestoga Log Cabins has some of the best small log cabin designs. The Bear Creek Log Cabin is one of their log cabin designs that would be perfect for a small family to use as a vacation home. The DIY log cabin kits for sale from Conestoga Log Cabins allows you and your family to build your entire cabin yourselves. It would be a fullfilling experience for the entire family to be involved in, and since the cabin kits are so easy to assemble, even your kids could help out a little bit too with age-appropriate tasks. Then, you can have it to enjoy for years to come, and your kids can also share it with their kids too. The great feature about this log cabin design is the large kitchen that is 12 feet by 17 feet in total. There would be enough room for full sized appliances as well as a table and chairs to eat at. Above the living area, there is also a 61 square foot storage loft area that you can reach by a ladder. Up there you can store outdoor gear and other items. Maybe it could even be a small sleeping area. On the front of the log cabin, there is also a 6-foot porch which would be the perfect place to lounge at the end of a long day.

Like all of the company's log cabin designs, the Bear Creek log cabin design is fully customizable so you can tweak the floor plan to suit your needs and style. The company is also an eco-friendly builder which means they use green practices throughout their building process. They use an automated computer-operated system that will help to eliminate waste. Plus, they also use wood that comes from sustainable forests. Conestoga Log Cabins has been in business since 1983, and even though they started out by selling log cabins to campgrounds, they have expanded to selling them to individuals too. So now everyone can enjoy the comfort and style of a beautiful and durable log cabin. Their log cabins will last for years after they are built, and some of the most ancient log structures are still around after 100 years and sometimes even more. The best way to ensure that your log cabin stays standing for years to come is to properly maintain the wood to keep it in good shape.

This means cleaning your log cabin off and restaining it, then reseal it with a protective coating. You'll also want to keep an eye on the wood to see if insects are infesting it. You don't want insects living in the logs of your cabin, so this is another important reason to clean your log cabin regularly. You may even want to hire a professional company to clean the exterior of your log cabin for you as it can be a big job. If a log cabin isn't properly maintained, it can result in logs rotting and needing to be replaced which can cost a lot of money. It can also cause mould which would need to be taken care of professionally as well as pest infestation which would also require professional service. Since your log cabin is an investment you've made, it's only smart to invest the money back into it to keep it in great shape. Most log cabin builders will have advice on how to care for your log cabin, and there are some great informational and instructional videos and books on the topic as well. Enjoy looking at the lovely log cabin designs from Conestoga Log Cabins.***

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