4 ingredient coconut cookies

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Do you need a super easy dessert recipe? These mouthwatering cookies from Trish of Mom On Timeout are the perfect little treats that require little to no effort to make. They are especially great if you happen to like coconut a lot since there is a lot of coconut in them. They kind of taste like an Almond Joy chocolate bar too, so if you enjoy those, you'll love these. The other great thing about this yummy cookie recipe is that you only need four ingredients to make it and you don't need to use a mixer to make them. All you need to do is mix up all the ingredients and bake them, no need to even chill the dough which can really slow things down. This yummy cookie recipe doesn't even require, and flour, eggs or butter which makes them gluten free, but they are not vegan or dairy free since they do contain some sweetened condensed milk. You could try using some coconut cream or coconut milk in place of the condensed milk if you wanted to give that a try, but you may have to experiment a bit to get the right consistency. Other than the condensed milk you'll need some coconut flakes which you can get sweetened or unsweetened if you want a healthier option.

You will also need some semi-sweet chocolate chips for this recipe. If you want to make this recipe a bit healthier you could use some real chocolate chips made with real cacao which is actually very healthy for you containing immune-boosting vitamins and minerals including zinc and vitamin C. It's also one of the best sources of magnesium which helps to reduce stress. Then, the recipe includes almonds, which you can get lightly salted, so there is less sodium. This way you would have a super healthy dessert recipe. To sweeten things up a bit you could use some maple syrup or some agave syrup if you wanted to. So all in all, the ingredients of this recipe are actually very healthy. You could even eat these as a healthy breakfast or a healthy snack option to take on a hike or to the office when you need a little something to get you through the day. The recipe only takes about 5 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to bake in the oven, so you're looking at having some yummy cookies in under 20 minutes which is great. Make them for your kids for lunches instead of buying premade cookies, and you'll save some money too. This is even one of the dessert recipes that your kids could help you make it's that easy.

When you're looking to buy real chocolate products, look for products that use raw cacao or have a high cacao content in them. Cacao is the unprocessed version of the cacao fruit whereas cocoa is usually heavily processed and doesn't contain nearly as many nutrients as cacao does. You can find chocolate with up to 85% or even 90% cacao in it. It will be very bitter, but if you add some healthy sweetener to your recipe, it will all balance out. Raw cacao may give you a bit of an energy boost, but it's not caffeine as some people mistake it to be and you won't feel the heavy crash you would feel after consuming caffeine either. You could also add different things to these yummy cookies like some goji berries or some chia seeds to give them even more nutrients. Play around with some different flavours in this dessert recipe and see how it turns out.***

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