3-Ingredient solution to get rid of ANTS !

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The warm weather of spring and summer is always nice but can lead the way to all sorts of pesky nuisances in and around the home, with the biggest nuisance being ants. Ant invasions are most often detected near entryways into the home, like around the doors and the window sills, but may also be found in and around the kitchen areas where food is. Ant colonies can range anywhere from a dozen or so tiny ants all the way up to hundreds, and even if they are small, to begin with, the ants have a way of multiplying fast. It is best to get a handle right away on ants when you first notice them, rather than waiting for their population to grow. If you are wondering about what sort of household cleaning tips to get rid of ants, Angela, an author at the Cooktop Cove website, has the answer. She has created an easy to make three ingredients all natural cleaning solution, which will get rid of ants in your home entirely. This easy to make natural ants-be-gone mixture will be consumed by the ants, and over time, they will be completely dispelled because of the combination of ingredients in the mixture that are toxic to them. This is an all-natural cleaning solution that will work just as well if not better than store-bought toxic ant remedies.

Angela’s house cleaning tip for ants involves three easy-to-find ingredients that won't cost you a whole lot of money. The natural ingredients that you need for this ant mixture include Borax and granulated white sugar. Borax is a powdered substance that you will find in the laundry detergent aisle of your grocery store. Borax is the most important part of this three-ingredient all natural cleaning mixture because it is what will get rid of the ants completely. Another important ingredient to this mixture is granulated white sugar because this is what will attract the ants to consume the mixture in the first place because ants like to consume anything sweet. A small amount of Borax is what is called for in this ant cleaning recipe because it puts off a strong odour which may deter the ants from eating the mixture. As a result, this natural mixture will take time to get rid of all the ants, but rest assured, they will be gone eventually. The third ingredient in this mixture is boiling water. If you use a higher amount of the Borax, the ants may not consume the mixture at all. Simply put the cleaning solution in a small lid or bowl and place the mixture near a door or other entryway. You will want to take a look at the site for the complete instructions. You can feel safe using this all natural mixture around your family and pets.

When searching for house cleaning tips and tricks, getting rid of ants is not often thought of, but you will be happy to have this easy to make this all natural Angela’s solution for when you notice ants in your home. This issue may figure in at some point in your life whether you live in a house or apartment, and simple life hacks like this will be beneficial to you later on. The best part is that this ant mixture uses a few natural household ingredients that you might already have, so you shouldn’t have to rush out to pick anything up. You will find this easy to make ant solution on the Cooktop Cove site. On the site, you will find other house cleaning tips and tricks and so much more. **

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