312 Sqft Adorable and cozy cabin that can be moved just about ANYWHERE

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Here's a great portable cabin that would be perfect for vacations. If you're thinking about building your own cabin to use as a holiday home, Rich Portable Cabins might just have what you're looking for. The company is located in North Powder, Oregon, so if you're not close by, you can also look for similar log cabin builders in your own area. Their cabins are designed to be compact, so they're easy to install and move if need be. This wouldn't be as portable as a smaller tiny house on wheels or an RV simply because of the larger size and weight, but it could be moved when needed. On the outside, these wood cabins look very warm and inviting, much like a log cabin or home. The home is 15.10 feet high, 13 feet wide and 26 feet long. Usually, tiny houses on wheels are only allowed to be 8.6 feet if they are going to be legal to tow on highways like an RV. The extra 5 feet in this tiny house design really gives the inside of the cabin a lot of extra space. There's a small kitchen that has an oven and room for a large fridge. All of the cabinets are handcrafted out of wood and provide a lot of great storage space for the inhabitants.

The bedroom is in the loft area which is above the kitchen and bathroom up a flight of stairs. The nice thing about this loft area is that you can stand up in it, while other lofts you have to crouch down. The living room is right at the front of the home, and it's actually quite large, so it'll fit regular sized furniture in it. Sometimes in tiny houses, you have to go with smaller furniture and appliances, but for this one, you can fit apartment sized appliances and regular furniture. The wood cabins from Rich Portable Cabins also come with laundry machines which helps out a lot. This wood cabin also has a large bathroom with a tub and a shower. The Miller cabin has about 312 square feet of living space in total which is great for a tiny house design. It weighs approximately 18,000 pounds depending on the size and the finishes. The prices of these units differ from unit to unit, so it's best to call the builders, and they can give you a better idea of a price for your particular design.

The company also ships out to different states for an additional cost, so if you really like one of their designs, they may be able to ship your finished cabin out to you. It's advised that the larger cabins like this one are pulled with a heavy duty truck, but the smaller 8 foot wide tiny houses and cabins like the Camp Cabin could be pulled with a regular pick up truck. Also, if you'd like your cabin to be off the grid, they can accommodate that as well by installing inverters with built-in chargers and batteries. They can also install solar panels on the roof or mounted on a pole so they can turn to face the sun. The off-grid options would also come with composting toilets, water tanks and holding tanks. Having your cabin or tiny house able to be off-grid would really open you up to a lot of different parking possibilities and would also be great for new landowners. You could live in the tiny portable cabin while you build your larger house, then once in that; you could use the small cabin as a guest house or a rental.***

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