3 Lessons Learned from 70 Years of Love

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Now here is an awesome article that gives some wise, and practical advice for people about marriage and partnership. This is a list of 3 Lessons Learned from 70 Years of Love. The author of this article from Wanderlust's website, Jefe Greenheart, interviews his own grandfather about what he has learned about love, right before his grandmother and grandfather's 70th anniversary. First of all, 70 years? Kudos to them! That is amazing, and I always love hearing stories about how people stay together for that long. It seems to be rarer and rarer for people to stay together for their entire lives in marriage.

Jefe's grandfather Robert and his grandmother, Dorothy, have had an amazing lifetime of memories shared together, but what does it take to stay so solid for so many years? This awesome interview is a true testament of love, the way that two people put aside their own selfishness and look at the person they love as another part of themselves.

The keys that Robert mentions in this wonderful, simple interview, speak volumes of truth about our society and how we need to come back to some more simple and loving values. They are as simple as help each other out. I know this one to be a big one that my partner and I practice a lot, and it just comes naturally. If he is really busy at work, I try and make his life easier by doing something like all of the laundry, so he doesn't have to worry about it. We also say thank you to each other a lot for even just the little things we do for each other and it does go a long way. You treat your partner how you want to be treated and visa versa. A wonderful, uplifting read! Head over to 'Wanderlust' by following the link below for more!

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