3 BEST Kitchen Drain Cleaners

Is your drain clogged? Clearing clogged drains can be easy with this natural household cleaner. Cleaning kitchen drains with non toxic products or finding natural ways to unclog drains is something worth spending some time on since more and more research is showing the negative health effects of chemical cleaners on human and pet health. This method for cleaning clogged drains will also work for a clogged shower drain. It really is the perfect clogged drain remedy.

One ingredient that works like magic for clogged drains is the vinegar cleaning solution. With the vinegar cleaning solution you will also need to use boiling water and baking soda. The vinegar drain cleaning solution involves the following ingredients. Proportions for the recipe can be found at the link below to get the recipe. The ingredients for the clogged drain remedy are baking soda, boiling water and vinegar in specific proportions.

Wondering how natural baking soda actually works as a natural household cleaner? Well since baking soda is a base element and is combined with an acid like vinegar at combines to form carbon dioxide and sodium acetate. When this combination is poured into drains it create bubbles that have some friction to work at scrubbing at the drain interior. This will flow down the drain dissolving bits of gunk as it goes. The great thing about using baking soda and vinegar as natural household cleaners

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