28 Ways To Keep the House Clean Using Dish Soap

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Dish liquid can be a versatile ingredient used for a variety of house cleaning tips and tricks. We all know liquid dish soap to be a useful ingredient for helping to wash dishes, pots and pans and there are many liquid dish detergent brands that give various results depending on the hardness of your water along with other factors. A fun use for liquid dish soap is using it to make a bubble blowing solution in addition to a little glycerin and sugar. Did you also know that liquid dishwasher is a wonderful choice for hand washing lingerie and delicates? Another interesting fact about liquid dishwashing soap is that it is one of the top choices to use to check for leaks in flat tires, propane fittings, and a mounting bead lubricant. There are many popular name brands such as Dawn dishwashing soap, Palmolive dish detergent, Cascade dish detergent and also very popular these days is the organic dish detergent.

There are plenty of helpful things that you can clean with dish liquid, and this site offers you 28 ways to keep it clean using dish liquid. Try some of them out and see how you do, then invent more ways to that you can clean your home, remove stains, and get things looking fresh and new again. We often just do the dishes with natural liquid soap and don’t spend much time thinking about how we can use it in other ways. But natural dish soap, either alone or when combined with other products, can often soften surfaces or clean things we thought might be stained or even ruined forever. The following are just some of the ways you can use dish liquid for ways other than doing the dishes.

1. Use dish soap for making bubbles. Dawn dish liquid makes great homemade bubbles. Try this recipe for making giant bubbles that are used in some of the bubble makers you will find at many children’s museums. Mix some Ultra Dawn dish soap, warm water, and some glycerin, which should be available at your local drug store. You can also substitute white Karo syrup in place of glycerin if you have that on hand. Then gently stir up the ingredients and skim the foam off the top of the mixture, as too much foam will break down the bubbles. Then dip your bubble wand and get ready to have some fun.

2. Liquid dish soap can also be used to help save wildlife. According to the International Bird Rescue Research Center, Dawn dish liquid is effective at removing grease from birds but doesn't cause harm to the skin of the birds. Dawn liquid soap is also biodegradable and contains no phosphates.

3. Liquid soap can help with greasy hair mishaps. Sometimes kids can get the silliest things in their hair. With everything from baby oil, gum, Vaseline, silly putty and more. Use some Dawn dish liquid to help remove the most stubborn grease. The good thing is that it's mild enough to use on the hair.

4. Use dish liquid as a sidewalk de-icer. For those icy steps and sidewalks during winter freezing temperatures, mix some Dawn dish liquid, with some rubbing alcohol, and hot/warm water and pour over walkways.

5. Use dish soap as a house cleaning tip and trick for the driveway. If you have gasoline or motor oil stains on top of your driveway, start by sprinkling some kitty litter on the spot to help absorb excess oil. Then use a scrub broom and a solution of some biodegradable Dawn dish liquid and warm water to safely and effectively remove any excess motor oil from the pavement.

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It is truly amazing that liquid dishwashing soap can be so versatile. It can keep ants out by removing the path of sweetness they lay to tell other ants where the goodies are. You can even add dish soap as part of a concoction to make your lawn greener. Dish soap can remove stuck on acrylic or even paint from some surfaces. You do have to be careful about the surface, of course, and ensure that it can take the dish soap itself. Although a mild dish detergent is usually safe to use on most things there are always surfaces that do not work well with this product.For a lot of other uses of natural dish detergent, go to the website and find plenty of eco-friendly, and sustainable ways to use your best natural dish detergent.

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