20 Ways to Easily Clean Pots and Pans

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Oh, how we love to hate our pots and pans. They work so hard for us, but still give use grief when we have to clean them out. These tips might help since there are 20+ ways to easily clean pots and pans and leave them fresh and shining for their next use.

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We put our pots and pans through some rough use. We burn them, scorch, bake food hard on them, and expect them to pull through and work just as well for use the next time around. And, generally, they do. Just sometimes it can get tough to get those baked on messes fully off. And its important to do so, so our cookware stays looking great and keeps on baking and cooking well for us. Leaving burned or scorched food on a pot or pan just isnt a great idea. So off it comes.

Here are some ideas to think about when dirty pots and pans leave you flustered.

Things that fizz. So think about club soda, baking soda, alka selzer tablets or even denture tablets. These fuzzing friends will help get blackened gunk off your pots and pans and leave them sparkling.

Just for copper. Copper pots cost a lot of money and they lose their shine pretty quickly with use. Try ketchup. Yup. Coat the whole thing with a generous coat. Let it sit a minute then just rinse. Your favorite copper pot will be gleaming.

To replenish the shine in other pots, try lemon. It will also make them smell great.

For more tips on how to keep your pots and pans shiny and clean as well as many other household hints, go to the website, Readers Digest, by following the link below.

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