20 of the BEST Christmas Crafts to Make this Holiday Season

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Do it yourself crafts for Christmas are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas craft allows you to add a bit of your own touch, while adding some warmth to your home, with DIY ideas you won't find at the store. The 20 do it yourself crafts you will find on the DIY and Crafting site is a good way to get into the holiday mood and a good way to save money. These do it yourself crafts for Christmas are inexpensive to make and can be done, with some of the supplies that you probably already have around the house. The following are just some of the do it yourself crafts you will find on the list.

1. Merry Christmas Garland DIY idea. To start this do it yourself Christmas craft, you will need red and green scrapbook paper, some adhesive chipboard alphabet letters, a paper cutter and scissors, mini clothespins, and some twine. You can find all of these craft materials in your local craft store or dollar store. Using a paper cutter, you want to cut the scrapbook paper into 2.5 by 5-inch rectangles. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of each piece of paper using scissors. You can make a stencil out of scrap paper to make sure each triangle cut was the same.

2. Mason Jar Snow Globes. For this project to do you will need Epsom salt, clear glitter, a mason jar, miniature trees, miniature red birds, hot glue gun, some baker's twine or ribbon. Some people use water in these snow globes, but that won't work with the birds, and the green from the trees might eventually make the water turn color anyway.

3. Pine Cone Garland. You will have the most delightful garland hanging on your mantle. This garland and DIY idea is called the Sugarplum garland and is sure to give your living room a nice holiday feel. It’s super-easy to make. For this do it yourself craft you will need pine cones, white paint and colorful felt balls, floral wire, hemp string or twine, a paint brush, mini pine cones that you can pick from outside or purchase at a craft store.

4. Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments do it yourself craft. These ornaments are a little bit rustic, a little bit modern and a lot of fun to make. These ornaments can be made with the kids, and they are a great idea to make with some hot cocoa on the side. To make your very own sled ornament do it yourself craft, you'll need the following supplies. Washi Tape, a utility knife, regular-sized craft sticks you will need three for each sled, mini-sized craft sticks you will need six for each sled, a hot glue gun, twine or ribbon. For the sled ornament, you'll need five short sticks that are covered in the striped washi tape, two long sticks and one short stick can be covered in some red washi tape and one extra stick that you'll cut into smaller pieces.

5. Winter Shadow Box do it yourself craft. This easy winter shadow box has a retro Christmas camper, some bottle brush trees, and twinkle stars. This diy idea is easy to put together and festive for the holidays. For the winter shadow box, you will need a hexagon shelf box or something similar, clear packing tape, a craft knife, wooden spools (or other similar objects), fairy lights, retro ornament, bottle brush trees, and some fake snow. You will find these do it yourself crafts on the DIY & Crafting site. On the site, you will find projects to do, DIY ideas, do it yourself crafts, home decor, garden ideas and more. **

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