20 Best Garden and Yard DIY Ideas

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Getting your yard looking beautiful for the spring and summer seasons can be a lot of fun, and there are so many DIY ideas you can try out year after year. Jill from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons gathered up some of their favourite DIY home improvement and gardening ideas with us so that we could try them out too. Each one of these unique DIY ideas also look pretty easy to make as well. So if you want to try out some new DIY gardening ideas and yard decor ideas, these DIY home improvement projects will give you the inspiration you need. If you don't have a yard or a garden, you can still try some of these DIY ideas and just modify them to fit your balcony or whatever type of outdoor space you have. Some of these DIY projects would even be cute for indoor decor too. For example, the succulent letter would be great for a smaller balcony or indoors. This is a really cool project because you can customise it to work for you and your family. Maybe you could do the first letter of your last name, or perhaps you could do smaller letters, so each family member gets their own.

If you do have a yard and you're struggling to figure out what to do for seating, one of the DIY ideas from the list is perfect for those on a budget. All you need are some bricks and some pieces of lumber. The blocks are stacked and mortared together to create a solid base, and then the boards are anchored to them using large tapcon screws. You can create a great seating area on your deck, balcony or out in your yard around a fire pit using this idea. Even using cinder blocks that have the holes in them already would work instead of having to attach the boards to bricks with screws. Another item that can cost a lot of money is planters for your flowers and other plants. You can try some of the DIY ideas listed like using an old broken canoe or even an old bathtub or feeding tough to make a planter. Just create some drainage holes and fill it with some good dirt and you have yourself the perfect, affordable, recycled planter. Planting your plants in containers can also help with weed control, and it also saves on water too.

So many people dream of having a greenhouse in their backyard, and there are so many great DIY projects for making your own greenhouse. Like the ones made all out of recycled bottles in this list, or the one made out of old upcycled windows. You can even easily build a small greenhouse just by creating a simple frame with a plastic greenhouse roof and then close in the walls with thick greenhouse plastic. Then you can start your vegetables, fruits and flowers from seed and help them grow stronger in the greenhouse. One of the cutest decor items for a bohemian style patio or balcony is the chandelier planter DIY idea. All you need is an old chandelier and some spray paint in the colour of your choice. Then you simply spray paint the chandelier to coat it in a beautiful shade and then attach planters to it and plant your favourite flowers or even some greenery or succulents. You can also use free wooden pallets for a lot of DIY ideas for gardening too. So make sure you check out all of the DIY home improvement ideas and see which ones you'd like to try out this spring and summer.***

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