2 Ingredients to Clean Your Washing Machine

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You do not have to hire professional cleaning services to have a super clean house. A quality maid service would never leave your home without having cleaned the most ignored areas like your washing machine. Most of us don't go too long without a deep bathtub cleaning, a kitchen floor cleaning or a dep oven clean. How many of us forget about our washing machine? Think about the money that you invest in your favorite clothes and how much nice they would be if you cleaned your washing machine from time to time. One never thinks that a washing machine needs cleaning, am I right? Or at least I never used to think that you needed to clean your washing machine, until I owned a home that was very heavy in iron in the water and I realized all of the build up that happens in the washing machine. These house leaning tips would have been very handy at that point. Since then I have moved, but I wished I had known about this 2 ingredient formula to clean your washing machine from the website of Love Pomegranate House.

Washing your clothes in a clean washing machine will go a long way to keep your clothes looking new and fresh. What happens in a washing machine is a build up of dirt and fabric softeners that creates rings of grime that are not good for your nice clothes. If you use any of the dozens of house cleaning tips and tricks that you find on the internet, try not to forget this one. If you have recently moved into a new place then it is nice to start out with a clean washing machine and know that you are not washing your clothes in other people's washing machine and soap residue. These types of residues can leave your clothes looking haggard and older than their time.

What is it exactly that we love so much about cleaning services, particularly professional cleaning services? Perhaps it is that they get into the corners and don't forget about neglected appliances like the washing machine. They get the grime in the corners, under the fridge and in all those hard to reach places that sometimes we forget or neglect to clean ourselves.

For the full recipe on how to do this, you will have to read on at the link below but the basic combination is a mixture of bleach and white vinegar. I have personally also had luck using high concentration hydrogen peroxide and letting it sit for the night on the iron stained interior of my machine. It worked better than bleach for this particular situation, but is also more expensive to buy. For the step by steps and other great reading, check out the website link below to the Love Pomegranate House.*

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