2 Hours to Clean your Home

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Does it some times seem to be a drag to keep your home clean? Here are a few tricks and tips so you spend only 2 hours to clean your home. Not seem possible? Read on and find out how.

The first trick to keeping your home tidier and spending fewer hours doing all the cleaning is to get everyone in the house organized. Good storage can really help keep a place clean and that means you spend less time doing the cleaning for everyone else. Put clothes hampers for dirty clothing in every one's bedroom if you have the room. That will help the kids toss their dirty clothes so you don't have to.

The same sort of thing can happen in the bathroom. If everyone has his or her own small basket or tray for toothpaste and other cleansers then they tend to stay there. That way you don't spend time picking up, rinsing and re-arranging the toothbrushes each week.

Keep all your cleaning tools together. Don't waste time trying to find what you need to polish the kitchen sink. Keep it together with your other cleaners. You can often fit everything right in to a single bucket.

Have lots of cloths for different chores. Keep one for washing, one for wiping, one for buffing and so on. Separate tasks often require different kinds of cleansers and even different kinds of cloths. As well, you don't want to use the same cloth on your counter tops that you were just using to wipe out the fridge.

Keep a regular cleaning schedule and order. You will find that if you set one time every week to do the laundry, vacuum, wash the floors and clean the bathroom in a particular order, you will become very proficient. You will soon be multi-tasking and tossing in a load of laundry as you head to clean the bathroom.

The best part about cleaning is the result. There is nothing better than sitting down at the end of the day in a dining room that is spic and span.

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