17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You

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That cleaning to-do list never seems to get completely done, right? There’s just so much to accomplish, but so little time, and who has the energy to clean after a long day at work, anyway? Well, here are 17 lazy girl cleaning hacks that will forever change you, and get that list out of the way for good. Everyone loves a clean home, but does anyone really enjoy cleaning it? Well, you just might start taking a great deal of pleasure in kitchen floor cleaning, bathtub cleaning, and dusting with these handy household cleaning tips. This cleaning article is living proof that cleaning doesn’t have to be a serious affair; in fact, it can actually be quite enjoyable.

Take cleaning your kitchen floor, for example. Did you know you could actually be cleaning your floor simply by walking over it? For this cleaning procedure, all you need to do is wear a pair of microfiber socks, which are very common in department stores these days, and slide your feet across the floor. Microfiber is a popular type of cloth that’s used for cleaning. You can also get microfiber gloves for dusting, and, for whatever reason, someone thought it would also be a very fashionable material to make socks out of – perhaps because it’s so soft and fluffy, but it also has a very practical use as well. Microfiber is more than just a type of fabric; it’s actually a whole new form of cleaning technology that allows you to clean more while using less. Quite often, you can clean and dust your home by using a microfiber pad alone, or, if needed, by dipping it into a small amount of water. Far fewer cleaning detergents are required when you clean using microfiber. So, microfiber can save you money as well as keep you from using toxic chemical cleaners in the home. Microfiber cloths can also help you clean your home in less time. And, if you wear these microfiber socks, cleaning your kitchen floor, cleaning your bathroom floor, and even cleaning your front porch floor has never been easier.

Exactly what is microfiber, how does it work, and why does it work so well with cleaning? Microfiber is manufactured using two different kinds of synthetic, man-made polymers - polyamide, which is a type of nylon, and polyester. With high-quality microfiber, the diameter of each of these fibers is a mere 1/100 of a human hair, so we can hardly even see them. If we’re able to magnify them, however, we can see that each of these fiber strands actually has a “spoke” or star-like appearance. It’s the consistency of these structures, and the space in between them, that allows for them to be highly-effective in picking up particles of all kinds, once they are spun into thread and woven into cloth. Microfiber cloths are absolutely superior when it comes to dirt-magnetism, absorbency, and scrubbing ability. Anyone who’s ever used a microfiber cloth while cleaning can attest that it almost has a “vacuum-like” quality, because dirt sticks to it so easily. Using microfiber cloths for cleaning is invaluable when it comes to green cleaning, which is all the rage these days as people search for safer, healthier ways to clean their homes.

We can all get a little lazy from time to time. No matter what age you are, male or female, when life is busy, housework just seems like an impossible feat to take on. The ever popular Buzz Feed website created this awesome list of incredibly easy cleaning hacks that will hopefully make cleaning up easier on us. We all know the feeling of seeing those persistent dust bunnies all over the hardwood floor, well why not just put on your dusting socks and take a walk around? Sounds funny but if you use a pair of fuzzy socks, you will see just how much dust they can really pick up. Or why not use a lint roller for more than picking up cat hair from your clothes? Use your lint roller on lampshades and other upholstery to pick up hair and dust. Tape also has this ability and it is cheaper too. Speaking of using one product for multiple things, furniture polishing spray doesn’t just have to be used to dust off wooden furniture, it can be used to keep stainless steel appliances looking shiny and new. Putting aluminum foil in your oven or toaster oven is one of the oldest lazy person tricks in the book, so try it out and see how great it is to not have to clean out your oven all the time. You can do the same thing in your refrigerator, except use cling wrap on the shelves before you put items down. Cleaning the burner grates is made super easy by putting the grates in bags with some ammonia, this substance will cut through any grease. If you are really resistant to doing dishes, just use the bag from individually wrapped cereals, pour the milk in and eat away. You can also do this with cookies using the cookie tray to hold the milk to dip your cookies into. Did you know that even your body wash products can help to clean your shower? Plus your bathroom will smell just as good as you do. If you make a lot of smoothies in your blender, you know the pain of having to scrub it out after. But the lazy way to do it is just squirt a little bit of soap and hot water in and blend. The sooner you do it, the better it will work.

Cleaning out the microwave is never a fun job either, but like the blender trick, use the microwave’s power to help you clean it. Just microwave a sponge and then wipe down the inside of the microwave. Be sure to wear an oven mitt or glove. You can also use your dishwasher for more than just dishes, add your kid’s toys in to remove germs and keep them looking new. Also, use your coffee maker’s settings to clean it with some vinegar. To add some freshness to your room, simply tape a dryer sheet over the vent of your air conditioner. You can also use dryer sheets to remove tough stuck on grease from pots and pans. And to make sure that your toilet brush always stays clean, add some cleaner to the holder it sits in. These handy household tricks can help even the laziest of us make cleaning a breeze.

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