16 Secret Best Hiding Spots Ever for Valuables

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This is a pretty cool article on some great hiding places. I guess if you had a house break in and the robber had tons of time, they could refer to this list as well but, a robber is usually in a big hurry and not about to uncover your special hiding spots.

There are 16 hiding spot ideas, and some are pretty clever. Take the suntan lotion bottle. Often when you are at the beach, you do have your car keys with you. Because of the electronic system in many of them they are not waterproof so keeping them on you is not an option when you go into the water. Again, nothing is fool proof and if you left your spot on the beach long enough a person could take whatever they like of your personal belongings. If you are just heading in for a quick dip the idea of putting your keys into some type of suntan lotion or maybe a metal water bottle would be a good solution.

Hollowed out books are a good idea for hiding away important items. Especially if you have a book shelf with a lot of books on it. The DIY website shows some good ways to make book hiding spots.

A couple of the outdoor hiding spots are good as well. How often is the key under the mat, on the door-sill or in the plant beside the door? These are all pretty obvious spots! Tucking that house key first into a small plastic bottle then covering the bottle with soil and a rock, plant or leaves is a much more difficult key for someone to find. Of course for jewelry, money or very expensive items a wall safe behind a photo is still a great idea.

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