14 Ways To Reuse Old Tea Bags That Are Absolutely Brilliant

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Tea is one of the most commonly enjoyed beverages all around the world. Most cultures embrace tea as a part of their daily ritual, and it's been used for thousands of years for natural remedies and for its health benefits. Since tea is made from plants and there are thousands of different types of plants growing on the earth, there are countless tea combinations that can be made. Tea can consist of just one type of plant or a mixture of a few or more plants to make natural remedies and for their wonderful flavour. One of the many wonderful things about tea is that you can use the tea bags to make the tea that you drink, but then when you're finished drinking your tea, you can use the tea bag for more natural home remedies too. So before you throw your tea bag away check out some of the great natural remedies found on Boredom Therapy. They share a total of 14 different ways to use tea in your life for many other things than just drinking.

For starters, did you know that black tea contains tannic acid which can help with a lot of different things? You can use the tannic acid in the tea after your steeped tea bag has cooled down and apply it to the skin as a natural remedy for a sunburn since is thems to heal the skin that's been burned. The same goes for taking down the swelling under your eyes when you're feeling tired. Just take a tea bag with black tea in it and make yourself some tea, then take the tea bag out of the cup of water and allow it to cool. You can even put them in the fridge if you want which would actually be great for under your eyes. Then place them under your eyes for 5 minutes or so. You can also use leftover tea or tea made from a used tea bag as a hair rinse. Just pour it over your hair after you shampoo it and it will increase shine and get rid of any built-up residue. Apparently, green tea bags can even be used to get rid of warts as the antioxidants in the tea will attack the wart. If you also drink two and three cups of green tea per day, it will also help your immune system fend off the virus that causes the warts.

Your plants may also benefit from some tea too. Plants like ferns prefer acidic soil, and because tea has tannic acid, this works perfectly. Just open a tea bag and bury the contents under the soil and it will help to balance the pH in the soil. You can also use certain tea bags in your bath if you want to have a nice smelling bath and absorb some of the great natural remedies through your skin. Just put a few of your favourite tea bags into your warm bath water and soak in the plant's natural remedies. Using peppermint tea bags in your pantry or kitchen where you store your food could be a great natural home remedy for getting rid of or preventing mice and other pests from taking your food. Just place a few of the tea bags, preferably strong scented ones, in each corner of the room you want to keep them out of, and they will be deterred by the scent of the plants. If you're experiencing pain in your gums or teeth from a dental procedure, you can also use tea bags as a type of gauze as well. Check out all 14 of the great natural home remedies and try some of them out yourself.***

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