118 SQ FT adorable COOKING HUT you should have!

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This Kaylee BBQ Hut Kit is like nothing you've seen before. Imagine sitting around inside this charming little house with family and friends while your dinner cooks right in front of you. This small house design is a great way to extend the barbecue season and have a fun get-together with family and friends. These little house kits are designed to do-it-yourself can typically be completed by two adults in a just a day or two depending on the size of the little house model. If you'd rather you can hire someone to build the small house design for you, from the company's trained and experienced installation crew. Whichever building option you choose you will have complete support.

These cute barbecue small house designs are also environmentally friendly made by a company that is committed to protecting the environment and with wood from a sustainable forest. For each tree harvested at least five trees are replanted. Can you imagine one of these barbecue hut kits in your garden, backyard or vacation home property? Inside the small house design, no interior finishing is needed, and the kit comes with pre-assembled roof elements. These little barbecue houses are built out of Nordic Spruce a durable and dense, slowly grown wood. Each little house kit comes with pre-hung and glazed door and window. Also included in the small house design are all nails, screws, handles, fixings, and door lock. Complete each little house kit with its easy to follow instructions. The price for this 118 square foot tiny home design is $8,980.

Using Nordic Spruce for this small house design is a good option when it comes to long lasting builds. Nordic Spruce trees are found in the northern temperate and boreal areas of the world. Nordic Spruce trees are large trees that range in size from about 60 to 200 feet tall when they reach maturity, and the trees can be distinguished by their conical form and whorled branches. The Nordic Spruce tree needles or leaves are attached to the branches singly in a spiral fashion. In the mountain areas of western Sweden, scientists have found an old Norway spruce tree, which is nicknamed Old Tjikko and has reached the age of 9,550 years. This tree is claimed to be the world's oldest known living tree. Spruce trees are useful as for building little houses and small house designs all over the world.

This small house design is just one of the little houses you will find on the BZB Cabin and Outdoors site. This company is a distributor of high-quality, eco-friendly garden products and log designs that are manufactured in Europe. BZB Cabins and Outdoors is a business that is located in Stamford, Connecticut with a Weekender demo model available in the city of Garfield, New Jersey. On the site, you will find a variety of small house designs from cabins, panel cabins, sheds, saunas, pavilion kits, barrel kits, camping pods, gazebo kits, hot tubs, carports and so much more. **

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