10 uses for aluminum foil around your home

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You are sure to be surprised at everything that aluminum foil can do. Aluminum fold is not just for wrapping food but can be used for a variety of DIY ideas, kitchen hacks and useful tips for life. Aluminum foil is one of those handy products that is a must have in any kitchen, and also for use in the rest of your home. Aluminum foil is not too expensive, it's recyclable, and this product can help make your life so much easier. You will want to take a look at the eBay site for the full list of DIY ideas, kitchen hacks and useful tips for life. The following are just some of the DIY ideas and kitchen hacks you will find on the list.

1. One kitchen hack idea for aluminum foil is to use it to help protect your cooking sheets and pan while you are cooking. Using some aluminum foil to cover your cooking sheets and pans while cooking is a great way to make clean up a breeze. Cooking can make such a mess of the kitchen, and this kitchen hack is just one of the useful tips for life you can use aluminum foil for. After you are done cooking just take off the aluminum foil and throw it away, instead of having to spend all that time scrubbing or soaking

2. Use aluminum foil as a kitchen hack for scrubbing pots and pans. It's always a good idea to cover your cooking sheets and pans with aluminum foil when possible, but when you don't, you can always use aluminum foil to clean off stuck on food. When you've got lots of stuck on food inside a pot that you need to wash, and you don't have a scrubby, you can always ball up a sheet of aluminum foil and use this instead to scrub clean your pots and pans. Aluminum foil works just as well as a scouring pad to get all those stuck on food particles off. It is good to remember that the scrunched up aluminum foil will scratch non-stick pots and pans, so you don't want to use this cleaning method for them.

3. Clean tarnished silver. You can use this DIY idea to make a homemade silver dip cleaner by putting a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side up, into a pot that contains heated water and cream of tartar. Once the water is hot, you can dip the tarnished silver into the pot, making sure that the silver touches the bottom of the pan where the aluminum foil is laying.

4. Reduce static cling in your clothes that are dried in your dryer. Instead of using dryer sheets you can reduce the amount of static charge in your clothes by using this useful tip for life of throwing in a couple of pieces of wadded up aluminum foil into your dryer.

5. Use aluminum foil as a diy idea to help sharpen scissors. With time your scissors will become dull, and dull scissors are difficult to use. So when you need to resharpen them take a flat piece of aluminum foil and then fold it in half several times. Then, using the scissors cut the folded up aluminum foil into small strips. As you cut the aluminum foil, it will sharpen the scissor blades, and by the time you've cut it all into strips, you'll have sharpened the scissor blades again. You will find these aluminium foil kitchen hacks on the eBay site. On the site, you will find home and garden, DIY ideas, kitchen hacks, useful tips and more. **

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