10 Tips to Stay Clean While Cooking

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Any person who cooks knows that kitchen cleaning is not a fun job to do, nor are the messes created while cooking easy to clean up. The cleaning instructions by Melissa, at the ‘Clean My Space’ video blog on youtube, were adopted by professional cooks and are all effective methods for cleaning kitchens while you cook. Firstly, it is important to start the cooking process with a clean space, empty dishwasher, and sink filled with warm soapy water. If your area is already clean, you will not feel tempted to stack dishes onto other dishes, because you haven’t gotten around to cleaning the former ones yet. Also, if you have your dishwasher empty already, you can add items you don’t plan on using again to it so that the mess will be out of sight. Then, you can run the dishwasher when it is full. Having your sink already full of soapy water is another effective cleaning solution because you can either add items to soak or quickly clean items that you will be using again.

The most challenging part of keeping a kitchen clean is when you have large groups over and need several recipes prepared. A good means of organization in the kitchen is to prepare your mise en place for each recipe, which translated to ‘everything in the right place’ so that you have ingredients ready for when you need them in a recipe. This isn’t so much a cleaning solution as a method of using fewer dishes and having less to clean. Rather than placing individual ingredients in separate bowls or dishes, combine them in ways that make sense to the recipe. If you have some sauce ingredients, mix them all in a measuring cup or if you have chopped vegetables that go into a dish at the same time, combine them in a bowl. Even if the vegetables go in at separate stages, you can arrange them in sections in the same dish.

One of the most efficient tools you will be able to use for kitchen cleaning is to stay away from kitchen trash cans until the end of the cooking process. Rather than relying on the garbage bin, keep a bowl designated for scraps on the counter. This cleaning method will allow you to discard vegetable scraps as you work rather than having to go to the garbage can every moment. If you keep a compost bin, this will be an excellent addition to the bin as well, rather than ending up in the garbage. Other house cleaning tips involve wiping down counters as you go or cleaning dishes as you wait for food to cook. You need not rely on traditional kitchen cleaners at this stage, but you can wipe down your counters with soapy water and cloth as you go, which will make the mess much simpler to clean at the end of the cooking process. Thank you to Melissa, the video blogger of ‘Clean My Space’, for sharing her tips on cleaning while cooking. **

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