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If you need some help cleaning your home, test out these 10 awesome cleaning tips from The Home Depot Blog. Sometimes doing a deep clean of your home is the best thing and the worst thing all at once. You dread doing the cleaning, but you end up with a super clean and fresh space that feels so great after. Good thing there are tons of great cleaning tips and diy ideas that help you get the job done in an even easier way than ever before. Some of these cleaning tips might have you scratching your head, but they actually work, and they work really well. So you just have to try them out for yourself to see their magic in action to believe it. The Home Depot is a favorite place for people to go when they're doing home renovations or projects. They have so many amazing things under one roof. You can find tools and wood to build things or you can find plants and soil to make yourself a beautiful garden space. They even have home decorating products like paint, wall paper and decorative tiles, as well as floors and carpets. Now they have a blog where they teach us all sorts of different diy ideas. Here are some of their cleaning tips and ideas.

1. Use rice to clean out your coffee grinder. It might sound strange, but rice is the perfect thing to clean out all of that coffee grind that's been left behind. Just put a handful of rice into the grinder and grind it up just as you would your coffee beans and it'll help to remove some of the oils from the beans.

2. To pick up all of the crumbs and dust from under your fridge or stove, just wrap a chop stick in a clean paper towel and spray it with your preffered cleaning spray. Then push it under your fridge or stove and pull out any of the debris that's been collected.

3. Use some baking soda and lemon to naturally clean your cutting boards from all of the bacteria and stains. Just put some baking soda on your cutting board and add some lemon juice. Rub it all over the board and let it sit for a few minutes. Then scrub with a scrubby sponge and rinse clean. The lemon juice and baking soda will also remove any of those nasty scents that have gotten into the wood.

4. Cleaning inside your microwave is easy when you use some vinegar. Just microwave a little bit of vinegar in water in a microwavable cup and the vapors will help to break down any stains and grease. Then, all you have to do is wipe clean.

5. Clean out your garbage disposal with some frozen vinegar. Just freeze vinegar in an ice cube tray and put the cubes in your garbage disposal with some boiling water while it's running. This will take care of any scents and bacteria leaving your disposal smelling and looking clean. You can also try using pieces of lemon, just be sure to cut the pieces up nice and small.

So there are a few of the great cleaning tips and diy ideas you can try out in your own home, maybe they'll become a part of your regular cleaning routine. Try out all of the ones that you like and make sure you share the list with your friends so they can benefit from them too. Check out some of the other great cleaning tips and diy ideas from The Home Depot Blog and use them to decorate and clean your home.***

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