10 Hacks To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable To Wear

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There is nothing quite like a new pair of shoes, except a new pair of shoes that pinch your toes. If you have a pair of shoes you love, but they hurt your feet, try one these 10 hacks to make your shoes more comfortable to wear. Your feet will thank you. Historically, shoes were made from naturally derived products such as leather or wood or even canvas, but today they are increasingly being made from petro chemicals. Early shoes may have been little more than bags made of cloth pulled over the feet. The first known shoes were discovered in Oregon, and dated to be at least 8000 or 9000 years old, although researchers believe that shoes may be as much as 26,000 years old. The reason science is unsure when the first shoes may have been created is that shoes don’t last over time, certainly not centuries, and so there is no clear evidence of them being worn.

Our feet contain more bones than any other single part of our body, a testament perhaps to their important function in our lives. Still, for all their work to carry us from one place to another, our feet are still surprisingly vulnerable to puncture, infection, and other things that could incapacitate them. So shoes are an important covering to help keep our feet healthy and strong. Still, too often the shoes we wear are just not comfortable. The earliest sign that researchers looked for to determine whether or not shoes were being worn in a culture is the thinning of toes and toe bone structure where feet have been put into a constraining shoe. Perhaps the most constrained feet in history were those of Asian women. Tiny feet, not exceeding three inches in length, were considered beautiful and so the feet of little girls were bent back backwards towards their heels, their toes broken, then bound to achieve the desired look. Fortunately, that is one practice we no longer engage in. Still, some shoes are really made more to be admired than worn, especially with women’s styling, and so our feet can become very sore very quickly. The best way to address sore feet is to take the shoes off, of course, and find a better-fitting pair. That is sometimes not an option, so this site gives you a few ideas on how to make your shoes fit better and feel more comfy.

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