10 clever uses for wax paper

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It's always great to find more uses for a for something. Like when you find out that dish soap is not only able to wash your dishes, but you can also use it as a laundry soap too. Or that tea bags can be used to help you clean your mirrors. In this cleaning hack, you'll learn 10 new cleaning tips that involve using wax paper. Wax paper is most commonly used for baking or cooking. It's made moisture proof because of the wax that's applied to it, and it's been used since at least the middle ages. In the 1800s, wax paper was even used to create photographic negatives, and it's great for using in different diy ideas and crafts. People sometimes get wax paper confused with parchment paper, but the wax paper shouldn't be used in the oven like parchment paper can because the wax paper will start smoking because of the wax that's on it. However, it's okay to use wax paper in the microwave because it won't heat up to the point of smoking and it's better to use in the microwave than aluminium foil, which will spark in the microwave or plastic which could melt in the microwave.

There might be some concern about the type of wax that's used on the wax paper, so you can buy waxed paper that's made out of soy bean ingredients and made with unbleached paper, so it's healthier than the bleached paper sometimes with paraffin wax on it. It turns out wax paper can do a lot of things, so without further adieu, let's get to some of these great cleaning tips and diy ideas that involve wax paper.

1. Keep your kitchen cabinet tops dust free by lining the very top of the cabinet (the space between the cabinet and the ceiling) with wax paper. Instead of always having to go up and clean the dust, grease and grime off the top of the cabinet, you can just remove the piece of wax paper and replace it with a new one.

2. Line the shelves of your fridge with wax paper after you clean it out so you can keep your shelves clean from stains and spills. When you're ready to clean your fridge just pull out the dirty sheet of paper and replace it with a new liner of wax paper. No more messy fridge shelves.

3. Make your sink faucet sparkle and shine by rubbing it with waxed paper. The wax will rub off on the faucet and help any water roll right off of the faucet instead of create hard water stains and marks.

4. Help cheese stays fresh longer by wrapping it in wax paper then wrap it again in foil or put it in a plastic ziplock bag after you wrap it in wax paper.

5. If you don't have a funnel but need one for a recipe, you're making. Simply take a piece of wax paper and make it into a funnel. Just take a good sized piece of the paper and curl it into a cone shape. You can also lay a piece of wax paper under the container you're funnelling dry ingredients into, and anything that's dropped can be funnelled into the container by picking up the piece of wax paper and funnelling it back in.

So there are some of the genius cleaning tips and diy ideas that you can use wax paper for. Enjoy trying all 10 of them out and share them with your friends and family members. Check out more of the great diy ideas from A Cultivated Nest to keep your home organised and clean.***

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