How to get that brown stain out of the shower floor

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Have you been trying to remove brown stains from your shower floor? Brown stains in the shower usually mean that there's rust in the water from rusting pipes. Rust is caused by oxidation of metal and when it happens on the inside of your pipes it can cause your water to carry rust particles that will eventually end up staining anything they touch.

So you may also see these rust stains in your bathtub or your sinks and toilets in your home. Just simply scrubbing your rust stained surfaces the regular way you clean them will not remove the rust because it has pigments that are really difficult to remove. But taking care of the stains as soon as possible can really help remove them easier. You'll also have to keep cleaning the areas where you experience rust stains to prevent them from coming back or permanently staining the surfaces. Hunker has some cleaning tips for us to try out that will remove these rust stains.

It doesn't even require the use of any chemical or toxic cleaning supplies. Just, simple natural cleaners will work just fine for this job. Natural cleaners are actually just as good as chemical cleaners in cleaning things all around the house. You can actually replace most, if not all of your chemical cleaners with natural cleaners and make your home a healthier, safer place for you and your family. All you need for these cleaning tips is some borax and lemon juice. Just make a paste out of the borax and lemon juice and apply it on the reddish-brown stains. Let the paste dry and then scrub with a brush or a scrubbing pad and rinse off with hot water. For brownish black stains, you'll need a couple of other natural ingredients; cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Mix up an equal amount of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste and then apply it to the stains and allow it to sit on the stains for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then scrub and rinse off. You can also make a paste that out of equal amounts of white vinegar and baking soda and apply it to the stains and allow it to sit for 30 minutes or more. This will also work on hard water stains and soap scum. Scrub and rinse just like with the other natural cleaners.

Another natural cleaning solution you can make out of cleaning ingredients you may already have at home uses powdered dishwasher detergent and water. Simply mix up a quarter of a cup of the dishwasher detergent water to create a paste which you can then apply to the stains and scrub with a brush or scrubbing pad. Trisodium phosphate mixed with warm water also does the trick for really stubborn stains. You can also get a water filtration system installed into your house, which would be especially great if you have well water. This will also remove any minerals from your water that cause hard water stains and limescale. If you have this kind of stains in your toilet, you can also use these natural cleaners in your toilet. Just either remove all of the water from your toilet or place vinegar soaked rags around the upper rim of your toilet to get rid of the rust stains up there. Allow them to soak for an hour or more and then scrub with the toilet brush. With enough time and some elbow grease you should be able to successfully remove any rust or hard water stains from your home.***

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