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Have you ever wished that you had a better place to charge your phone or your other devices? You may have even seen some cool charging stations in home design magazines and on websites, but they aren't really all that easy to find to buy. So when in doubt diy it with your own diy wood projects. The nice thing about following diy ideas from online is that you can customise your project to look however you want it. So your diy phone charging station could match your decor perfectly, and you can make it the size you need for the area you want to place it. You can also do this diy project the affordable way and use some recycled or upcycled wood instead of having to buy all new wood. Just look at your local buy and sell groups to see what types of materials people are selling. You can also check out local garage sales and estate sales for different pieces of furniture that you can take apart and make something out of. Auctions are also great places to find wood for diy wood projects. Some people even use pallet wood for their diy wood projects as well. If you would prefer to buy new wood, going with a pine wood will be a bit more affordable than cedar. You can also use laminated wood that has a veneer on it instead too.

To make this cool diy handy charging station, you just need 3/4 inch plywood which could be a 1/2 sheet 4 foot by 4-foot piece. You will also need 1/4 inch or 5 mm plywood, 1 1/4 inch screws, wood glue, sandpaper, 3-inch screws and a drawer pull. To get started all you do is cut all of the pieces of wood following the chart that is provided by Tool Belt. They provide the entire cut list, so you will have all of your wood pieces cut and ready to go. Whenever you're doing a diy wood project or any diy idea, it's best to have all of the materials and pieces ready to go before you get started on putting it all together. When you have your pre-cut pieces, you can then pre-drill holes in the bottom piece and apply glue to hold everything together. Then you can simply screw in your screws to hold the bottom piece to the other bottom pieces. You then create a drawer that will slide in and out. They also show you how to cut the groove into the drawer so that it slides easily in and out of the unit. This is important so that the drawer doesn't become stuck.

When the drawer is all finished, you can attach the drawer pull to the front of the drawer. Choose a fun drawer pull that matches your home decor or the decor of the room you're putting it in. Then, you attach it to the wall by locating the studs in your wall. You should also place it on your wall close to an electrical outlet. When you're hanging your diy project on the wall, it's also good to pre-drill some holes and put some anchors in so that the unit is really attached to the wall and won't fall down. Before you hang it up give it a nice coat of paint or a stain that matches your home decor. If you're looking for more diy wood projects or diy ideas Tool Belt has a bunch of great ones you can try out. Some of them, including this diy idea, would make great gift ideas for family and friends.***

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