A Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist

Photo Credit: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

Are you a list person? If you are you are going to love this article, if you are not you may be after this. List are often 'The Thing' that makes it all happen! Lists are a super way of getting yourself organized. This is a spring cleaning list, and you will appreciate someone else has put the thought into it already. Lists, in general can make your world a whole lot more productive and less stressful.

Less stressful you say...look at all the things on your list! Looks like a lot of work getting through it all! In truth making lists frees up your mind. It applies to everything. Grocery lists mean you have done the thinking before going to shop. You have marked it down as you have run out of food items in your pantry. Lists of 'to-do's today' again mean the thinking is done. You just do one thing at a time and don't fret about how many things are on the list, just one thing at a time and enjoy each thing on your list as you get to it.

Working at a job is a whole lot less stressful if you have your list. Instead of trying to remember what else you were supposed to do, and wasting powerful energy on it, the list is your road map for the day. Make your list in the morning, prioritizing the work and that way you get the most important things done If you are in a particularly stressful place in your life, having a paper and pen by the bedside can mean the difference between getting a good night sleep or staying awake knowing you need to remember what you just thought of!

This spring cleaning list is a very long one and daunting when you read all the way through. It seems like way to many projects.

The Imperfect Homemaking website just below offers you a printable version which is fantastic as you can print it off and now that your don't need to to the thinking, you can just focus at the tasks on the list as you can fit them in.

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