How to Make Old Fashioned Sweet Bread

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Holiday Cookies

It's that time of year when you can start preparing holiday cookie recipes. These spicy German Christmas cookies also are known as peppernut cookies and are actually made with black pepper in the holi ... continued

12 Fantastic Things To Make With Paper Rolls This Christmas

The Christmas holidays can be an expensive time of year. With gifts, holiday decorating and food being at the top of the list for things to buy. These do it yourself crafts are a welcome addition to t ... continued

Clever and Cute Christmas Ideas

You will want to take a look at these clever and cute Christmas ideas with over 100 diy cool projects to choose from; it's never too early to start. You will find a wide variety of projects to do with ... continued

Check Out This Cute Cozy Courtyard Cabin Kit for $22,000.00

Looking at log home plans and designs is fun, especially when you find really great deals on small log homes like the Courtyard cabin at $22,000.00. This is one of the many log home plans and designs ... continued

14 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

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12 Awesome Cardboard Christmas Crafts and Decoration Ideas

Christmas is an excellent time of year to try out some do it yourself crafts. The best part about these 12 diy crafts for home is that they use simple materials that can be found around the house, one ... continued

12 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

With Christmas drawing closer, you might be pondering new ways to decorate your home this year, but Christmas decorations don’t always come cheap. With these 12 gorgeous DIY Christmas décor ideas, ... continued

24 Handmade Christmas Ornaments

It's that time of year again when you start thinking about all the fun diy projects that you can do with family and friends. You will fall in love with these 24 handmade Christmas Ornaments that use a ... continued

19 DIY Crafts To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

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How to Make a Honey Ham in a Slow Cooker

Ham is the perfect addition to any holiday dinner table, and this honey glazed ham recipe is one of the best family slow cooker recipes you will find. Making your ham in the slow cooker is a great way ... continued

19 Cheap Christmas Crafts you can make at home!

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10 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make for the Tree This Year

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33 Awesomely Cute Christmas Crafts

There are more projects to do at home than you will know what to do with on this creative diy site. Here you will find a unique mix of over 33 awesomely cute Christmas crafts that can be made at home ... continued

This pallet wood working projects is even easier than it looks!

If you love gardening but can't handle kneeling down all the time or bending over a lot, then this is one of the diy ideas you'll want to see. Building with pallets isn't always the easiest, but this ... continued

14 Do-it-yourself Christmas decorating ideas you should try ! ! !

If you're looking for some fun Christmas crafts to make for the holidays, here are 14 do it yourself Christmas decorating ideas you should try. It's so much fun to pull out all of the craft supplies ... continued

Dreamin' of a Log Cabin? Try out This 16x20 Cozy Log Cabin !

Dream of living in a log cabin? Try out his 16 by 20 cozy log cabin without commitment. Dreaming of living in a log house or owning a log cabin is one thing, but purchasing or building a log house is ... continued

29 Tips to Make Your Holiday Dinners MUCH Easier

So you're on dinner duty for the holidays, and you may be wondering what to cook for dinner guests coming to your home. Here are 29 tips to make your holiday dinners much easier. Thanks to Twenty Tw ... continued

This Amish Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours starting at $21,510

If you're looking for log cabin kits for sale, this Amish log cabin kit can be yours starting at $21,510. When considering different log cabin designs and kits, you want to be aware of all your optio ... continued

12 Cute Log Cabin Christmas Decorations

People love staying in wood cabins, especially during the holidays. Check out these 12 cute log cabin Christmas decorations that are perfect for any log cabin or home: 1. Depending on the differe ... continued

Choosing a log floor plan . . . AVOID these 8 mistakes!

Cabin building while exciting can also be a bit project to take on. So to make it easier on your Log Cabin Hub has come up with some great tips when choosing a log floor plan... Avoid these 8 mistake ... continued

How to Make Christmas Ball Lights

Here are instructions on How to Make Christmas Light Balls. The holiday season is such a special time of the year. It seems like it is a time that goes both quickly and slowly, where there is so much ... continued

You Will LOVE the ceilings in this Charming Tiny Home

Into small house design? You will LOVE the ceilings in this charming tiny home. Small house living is gaining a lot of attention, and many people are downsizing to make the switch to minimalistic li ... continued

26 Freezable Christmas Cookie Recipes

It's that time of year when there is so much to do, and not always enough time to do everything. That is why you will want to take a look at these easy homemade cookie recipe for freezable Christmas c ... continued

Tomato Cage Christmas Decorations

You will want to take a look at these do it yourself crafts for tomato cage Christmas decorations. These diy crafts for home can save you money, and they are fun to do. You will be amazed at all the f ... continued

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is very decadent because of brown butter added to the recipe. Even though the flavors are classic just like in a traditional chocolate chip cookies re ... continued

Roasted Garlic Bread

This Roasted Garlic Bread recipe is a basic bread recipe when you crave homemade garlic bread. No matter what the occasion is garlic bread will always make mealtime special. It’s amazing with just a ... continued

How to Clean Mold on Log Cabins

Do you happen to be looking for a log cabin or log house to call your own? Depending on the age and state of the log cabin, you may need to learn how to clean mold on log cabins. There may be real l ... continued

The Cozy Alpine Chalet Log Cabin is 360 Square Feet of Heaven

This cozy Alpine Chalet log cabin is 360 square feet of heaven. If your idea of the perfect vacation consists of renting wood cabins in the wilderness, this is a destination to add to your list. In ... continued

This is the Cute and Cozy Three Bear Cottage with a Mountain View

When life gets busy, recharge your batteries by staying in a log cabin. This is the cute and cozy Three Bear Cottage with a mountain view that shows just how relaxing wood cabins can be. If you love ... continued

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